Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home

Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home

How to Lose Weight Faster At Home? This is the most common query searched on Google. Let’s all admit, there is nothing called a magic diet that will help you lose weight in a day or so. The weight loss process takes time and patience. But we can definitely speed up this process in few simple and safe ways for a healthy life. The common sense behind the weight loss program is to burn more calories than you intake. So move, eat sensibly and the most important thing- Be patient!

Read 8 Fast And Safe Ways To Lose Weight At Home

1. Consume A Balanced Diet

Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home

Working out and still not losing weight? Ask yourself if you’re eating junk food and following a bad diet. This will make it hard to burn off calories. You can try replacing normal carbs with complex ones that have high fiber.  Brown rice, oats, whey help to give a full feeling with just small servings while maintaining insulin level. Let’s understand the fact about fat, healthy fats are important for the body and they don’t make you fat. Also, keep a focus on Proteins for easy weight loss.

‍2. Food Timing Matters

Skipping meals is a strict no even when you are dieting. Makes sure to consume four meals a day but lower the intake of sugar. So what can I eat for weight loss?

A protein bar before exercise and saltwater post-exercise to kick that workout exertion. Do consult your nutritionist for a very specific diet chart to lose weight easily.

3. Lower Sugar Intake

Kicking sugar from your diet is the fastest way to lose weight.  The foods that we consume like roti, pasta, rice, fruits, etc all have natural and needed amounts of sugar. Thus our body actually doesn’t need artificial sugar. While consuming sugar in its natural form is good for health, refined sugar has bad effects on health.

‍4. Enjoy Green Tea

Count Green tea as the best health drink for its antioxidants content. It burns fat and also helps in boosting metabolism. The best time to consume green tea is just after your morning breakfast & lunch when your metabolism rate is at the peak helping in better digestion. ‍

5. Lemon And Honey Water

Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home

Drink Lemon & Honey in hot water every morning just after your wake up in the morning. This is an effective method for weight management. [READ: 9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally]

‍6. No Fruit Juices

There are many benefits of eating fruit. But the best way to get all these benefits is to eat it raw and not in a juice form.‍

7. Any Activity

Just take out 10 minutes for yourself to do any sort of activity that you love. It may be Sport at home, jogging, cycling, meditation, a small set of exercises, etc before breakfast. Make this a part of your daily routine like breakfast, shower, coffee to wake up your muscle, and good start of the day. [READ: Giloy/Guduchi: Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy]

Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home

Even better if you do 20 minutes walking or jogging daily outside. Also try to increase your daily activity, like you can switch to take the Stairs and not the Elevator, do swimming, walking or drive-by cycle to nearby areas, join Zumba or dancing, taking the dog out for a walk, do household chores, or cleaning, etc. Keep yourself busy to have a better and active lifestyle.‍‍‍ [READ: Wearing the Correct Sportswear Is Critical]

‍8. Proper Sleep

Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home

Taking a good proper sleep is the best method for body functioning. You burn calories even while you sleep and thus it also reduces stress. The one cause of weight gain is mental stress. [READ: 3 Underrated Yet Significant Pillars Of Human Health]

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