9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally

9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally

The immune system helps to defend our body against disease and illness. It provides protection to the body against harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Hence to protect the body from any harm, each component of the immune system must perform well.  The best way to ensure your immune system runs properly one must follow a proper diet and maintain a good lifestyle. Good immune health is required for the body to fight off any illnesses and also strengthens the natural defense of the body.  

Wondering How to boost immune system naturally? Here Are 9 Tips To Strengthen Immunity Naturally.

1. Whole Plant Foods

Fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes, seeds, spices have a high amount of antioxidants and nutrients to fight against pathogens. These have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, to decreases inflammation by killing the free radicals that cause inflammation. Alzheimer’s, some cancers, and heart disease are directly linked to chronic inflammation. [READ: Giloy/Guduchi: Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy]

The fiber content in plant foods is best for the gut microbiome and boosts healthy bacteria in the gut. This helps in immunity improvement keeping the pathogens at bay from the digestive tract.  Vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C that is known to reduce the chances of common cold and other illnesses. [READ: Oranges: 17 Amazing Health, Beauty, & Hair Benefits]

2. Probiotic And Fermented Foods

9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally

 Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods.  Yogurt, kimchi, natto, kefir, and idli dosa batter help to flourish gut bacteria for healthy immune cells.  You can also consume probiotic supplements for a stronger immune and healthy gut. These are foods that boost the immune system.

3. Consume Healthy Fats

Fats obtained from salmon and olive oil are known to be healthy fats and boost the body’s immune system. It helps to decrease inflammation and lowers the chances of other chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. While the anti-inflammatory properties help the body to fight any bacteria and viruses. Omega-3 fatty acids content in chia seeds and salmon I useful to fight off inflammation and combat many illnesses.

4. Proper Sleep

Immunity and good sleep are closely related. Our body tends to heal and regenerate while we sleep. And during this time the body can produce & distributes immune cells such as like cytokines, T cells & interleukin 12.  People with poor or inadequate sleep are highly susceptible to sickness. Hence it is advised to take proper sleep of more than 7 hours to strengthen the natural immunity. In addition, it is also advised to sleep for more hours when sick that can allow the immune system to fight off illness.

5. Moderate Exercise

Intense exercise is said to suppress the immune system, while regular moderate exercise is known to increase immunity. It reduces inflammation chances and helps the immune cells regenerate regularly. Exercise release endorphins, a hormone known to lower pain and give pleasure feeling. Do brisk walking, bicycling, and swimming, light hiking or jogging, to promote healthy immune cells. For even better immune system benefits do your exercise outside if possible. This helps to elevate mood, reduce blood pressure and inflammation for better immune system health. [READ: Are Exercise And Lifestyle Changes Enough To Control Blood Sugar Levels?]

6. Low Sugar

Refined carbs and sugars cause obesity, overweight and this increases the risk of getting sick. Lower the sugar intake to decrease inflammation & promote weight loss to reduce chronic health conditions chances.  Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease weaken the immune system. Thus promote an immune-boosting diet and lower the sugar intake to boost your immune system and decrease inflammation. [READ: Fast and Safe Ways to Lose Weight At Home]

7. Stress

9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally

Stress level plays an important in good immunity. Try to maintain your stress level & anxiety for proper immune health. As, Long-term stress is said to raise the steroid hormone cortisol, promote inflammation, and lowers immunity. Practise meditation, yoga, fishing, exercise, and drawing, yoga, to maintain stress level and maintain healthy immunity. [READ: 10 Juices To Lose Your Weight In A Healthy Way]

8. Supplements

The fake news is all around about supplements prevent or treat COVID-19. But some supplements definitely strengthen immunity. Zinc or Vitamin C supplement is said to reduce the duration of colds. Buy supplements only after consultation with your doctor to avoid any further complications. These Supplements to boost the immune system can help to fight viral infections, but not effective to treat or prevent COVID-19.

9. Hydration Is The Key

Staying hydrated is essential for your overall health. There are many complications due to Dehydration such as headaches, low focus and performance, bad mood, indigestion, stress, and improper functioning of the kidney and heart. Such complications increase the illness susceptibility. Drink enough water daily to stay hydrated. Water is best recommended as it has no calories, sugar, or additives. [READ: Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic And Ways To Tackle Them]

Disclaimer: The information in this post is just for reference purposes only. Do consult your doctor before taking any medicine or supplement. Also, this post does not claim any cure or prevention for Covid-19

Do share if you have anything to add to the list of Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally!!!

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