Do’s and Don’ts of COVID Vaccine

Do’s and Don’ts of COVID Vaccine

Coronavirus vaccination drive in India has already started months back. And there are very rare cases of some adverse effects; however, some vaccinated people are said to have mild illnesses or side effects. Covaxin and Covishield both are given in India and are said to be absolutely safe with some very minor side effects just like any other vaccine would do.

Want to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment? Get to know the nearby vaccination Covid center, secure your time slot, and get vaccinated. But once you have scheduled the coronavirus vaccination, there are some tips and tricks that one can follow for the best experience.

Do's and Don'ts of COVID Vaccine

Do’s and Don’ts of COVID Vaccine

*Covishield and Covaxin both have to be taken in two doses with a time gap of 28 days to improve the body’s immune system.

*Do not mix and match the vaccine doses. Like, if you take the first dose of Covaxin, make sure the second dose is also Covaxin and not Covishield.

*Be mentally prepared for any mild side effects after the COVID-19 vaccine. One can have side effects like fatigue, headache, fever, nausea, chills, soreness at the injection spot, or muscle pain. [READ: Build Your Healthy Lifestyle Routines Today with These Top Tips]

*Do not disclose your vaccine card to the public or upload its picture on social media. Since it has your personal details and could lead to identity theft or scam.

*Keep the vaccine card safe as it will be needed for the second shot. In addition, keep vaccine cards handy as may be asked sometimes in public places or transportation for safety. [READ: Mental Health Of Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic And Ways To Tackle Them]

*Do not take any other vaccines for at least 14 days of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

*Do not miss out on the vaccine appointment. This will lead to dose wastage as the thawed syringes are required to be used on the same day/ thrown away.

*Consult your doctor before the covid shot if taking any OTC pain medicine. Generally, it is best to avoid any sort of medicine prior to getting vaccinated for its effects with the vaccine.  Hence, on the safer side wait after the vaccine is done or till any uncomfortable symptoms. [READ: Upkeep Your Eye Health Amid Covid-19 With Sunglasses]

*Also discuss all your medications and health conditions with a doctor for the existing health issues.  

*An Individual is considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 only after 14 days of the final vaccine. Hence, till the time you will still have to follow the basic Coronavirus prevention guidelines. Post that also makes sure to wear your mask in public areas. [READ: Giloy/Guduchi: Health Benefits and How to Use Giloy]

Do's and Don'ts of COVID Vaccine

*Even if you experience minor symptoms after vaccination, report the side effects. Such information helps the CDC to keep the side effects track and also monitor the adverse effects and development in future vaccines.

*Vaccines take time to build immunity against the virus and the person can still get Covid-19 in a few days from vaccination. Every people’s body tends to develop immunity with different strengths after the vaccine. Thus, the basic precautionary measures have to be followed even post-vaccination. It is essential to wear Face masks, use hand hygiene, & maintain physical distance in all public places even after the vaccine.

Disclaimer: All the information in this article is just for informational purposes and not for any medical advice. Do consult the doctor about your medical condition before taking the shot.

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