Best Undercut For Thin Hair

Best Undercut For Thin Hair

Hair is a very important aspect of your looks and can make an impression on the people talking to you. Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you, and having a good haircut is a basic necessity. A good haircut can automatically augment and complement your facial structure and impart newfound confidence into you. Are you worried about getting a haircut on your thin hair, and worrying about the fact that the latest haircuts like an undercut might not be the best fit for you? This article will provide you with the necessary information regarding getting an undercut on your thin hair.

Precautions To Take When Styling Thin Hair

Best Undercut For Thin Hair

It is very easy to mess up styling thin hair because of the fine properties. So, you have to style your thin hair very carefully and take care of it accordingly so that your undercut looks much more appealing and is maintained properly.

Never Apply Conditioner

When you apply conditioner, you are adding more moisture which may weigh down your hair. When you apply conditioner, it adds a lot of weight and turns your hair oily, which may look bad. Instead of using conditioner, which by the way, when used in the wrong way can potentially result in hair fall as well, you can try using a small quantity of light hair serum which may moisturize your hair.

Use A Lightweight Shampoo

Using the same logic as before, using a shampoo with too many additives can add extra weight to your hair and can make your hair look oily just after a day or so, which is very disturbing as it gives an appearance as if you have dirty hair. Instead, you can use a clarifying shampoo, which will suck out all the dirt on your scalp, and keep it fresh enough for a longer period, which will give your thin hair a very fresh look.

Blow Dry To Activate Volumizing Products

After you use a shampoo, you can use volumizing mousse or serums on your hair so that it adds more body to your hair and. But if you do not blow dry your hair, most volumizing hair products need heat to be activated. Therefore, if you use your hairdryer to apply some heat, the volumizing products will get activated and give your hair a new effect of having thick hair, which makes styling much easier. If you have really fine hair, you may want to use a hairdryer that is meant for fine hair instead of a hairdryer that can potentially damage your hair. If you don’t know what I mean, you can look at this article to see why you need a hairdryer for fine hair.

Use Dry Shampoo

On days when you have oily-looking hair but you do not have the time to wash your hair, dry shampoo can come in handy and definitely can help you lift the roots of your hair. This will eliminate oil and add a light texture to your hair and help in getting a volumizing effect for your hair. You can also keep a dry shampoo at your hand and touch up your hair as and when needed.

Best Looking Undercuts For Thin Hair

Best Undercut For Thin Hair

Modern Crew Cut

Best Undercut For Thin Hair

Among classic haircuts, crew cuts are really popular still. You have to ask your hairdresser to keep your hair buzzed short and because it is a modern variation on the old crew cut, the top part of your hair has to be buzzed short and the sides have to be given a faded undercut look. When you get your hair cropped and have really thin hair, it gives an illusion of having thicker and fuller hair. Men who have thin hair or have receding hairlines can easily opt for this hairstyle. This hairdo is quite low maintenance because it does not require any extra time for styling like other hairstyles. [RELATED: Smart Reasons Why You Should Wear Harem Pants for Men ]


Best Undercut For Thin Hair

Asking your hairdresser to switch your thin hair to a pompadour will suit you well. A pompadour is another great and classic hairstyle that has been around for a long time for thin hair. While it is very hard to achieve a good pompadour with hair that is thick or coarse, it can be done very easily with thin hair. For this haircut, you will need to ask your hairdresser if the sides of your hair can either be faded or whether you can keep them a little longer like a classic undercut. However, the hair on the top of your head needs to be longer for a good pompadour hairstyle.

Side Part

Best Undercut For Thin Hair

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is also timeless and classy, then you can simply go for a side part. It is very low maintenance and still an elegant hairstyle to have. Like most of your undercut hairstyles, you have the choice of having the sides shorn and faded, or you can ask your hairstylist to leave the hair a little longer on the sides like your classic undercut. It is quite a classic hairstyle which you can pull off even if you are middle-aged, and will suit well with a formal outfit like a suit or tuxedo.

Messy Top Undercut

Best Undercut For Thin Hair

For a messy top undercut, you need to keep the hair on the top a little short, not as much as a crew cut, however, and get a proper fade on the sides of your hair, and then style it into a messy spiky side part using hairspray and a blow dryer which will add some texture to your hair. Having thin hair for this hairstyle works good because it creates an amazing texture.


You are well suited to an undercut if you have thin air, and while you have to be careful in the handling of your hair, with proper maintenance and in the hands of the right hairdresser, you can get an undercut that will suit your facial features and make you look just as good in it. Remember, the key to pull off any haircut is to show confidence and to flaunt it well.

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