9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe

9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe

In the last post, we discussed 5 Reasons to Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion. In this post, today, lest discuss how can we create a sustainable/ethical fashion wardrobe. Don’t worry; you won’t need much of your time or money to spend to make this difference. This may seem a Lil harder initially, as you will have to skip from your regular fast clothing brands. But sustainable wardrobe is definitely worth it and is for the long run.

Check Out These 10 Simple Ways To Create Sustainable Wardrobe

1. Changing In Fashion Perception

Let’s change our perspective to see things with the label ‘eco’ to be boring, not fashionable. Many sustainable fashion brands are coming up in the market with luxury or beautiful-looking clothes and accessories. Organic is beautiful, you just need an eye to find it that suits your environmental focus.

9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe

2. Buy Only From Brands That Make Sustainable Clothing

The initial period to be sustainable can be quite a tedious and confusing task. As there are many brands in the market that claim to be producing sustainable clothing but fail to do so. Hence, it always better to get what you have a focus in mind and do your research for the sustainable labels.  Find some brands that suit your focus and start creating your sustainable closet.  

3. Minimum 30 Times

Encourage yourself to buy only those fashion items that you can wear at least 30 times. Hence the best way to opt is to buy statement pieces that can e worn by mixing and matching for many different occasions.  Picking more versatile pieces to ensure you stay trendy that can be easily styled in many different ways

4. Take Good Care Of Your Clothes

9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe

Taking good care of your clothes is equally important. This will ensure they last longer and you don’t keep on wasting money to buy new ones every time.

5. Trans-Seasonal Clothes

Buy only the items which can be worn for any season. Invest money in just the pieces like Jeans, classic dresses, t-shirts, jackets, and timeless coats for a sustainable wardrobe.

6. Repair Your Clothing

You don’t necessarily need to throw the clothes that are torn or need minor stitching. Rather learn to repair the clothes & accessories

7. Choose Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing takes zero energy when compared to new clothes production.  Follow the simple way to go fashion eco-by opting for rental fashion. Sharing, contributing, donating, or renting out wardrobes is the best way to have a more sustainable future. This is called the circular economy concept that aims to minimize waste that gets discarded in a landfill.

8. Donating The Unwanted Clothes

9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe

Donate all your unwanted clothes –it’s eco-friendly and for a good cause.  Go with a mantra to donate every time you invest in something new.  Alternatively, you can also Buy preloved clothes or sell them.

9. Quality Over Quantity

Better quality and sustainable pieces tend to be more costly when compared to fast fashion brands. But they last longer and you won’t have to buy them every now and then.  Choose to buy 10-20 high-quality fashion items rather than buying cheaper or less eco-friendly ones.  This helps to reduce the carbon footprint onwards nature.

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5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion

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