5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion

5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion

What does pollution mean to you? To date, I only thought pollution was done by big companies, coal mines, chemical factories, and so on. But the fact says the fashion industry is among the most polluting industries. Clothing is produced in a manner that harms our planet, and the making process kills many farmers with its waste and chemical. The need of an hour is to become mindful about fashion and start utilizing eco-friendly clothing.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Start with a small shift to the ethical wardrobe. Utilize things that are more eco-friendly, have low-impact dying, made from natural materials or upcycled clothes,  grown from organically pesticide-free cotton. This conscious decision will definitely make a difference to our planet.

5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion

1. Environment Friendly

5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion

The fashion industries leave a great impact on our environments like landfill water and power consumption, using pesticides & insecticides to grow cotton, etc. Don’t support this negative environmental impact caused by the fashion industry. [READ: 5 Things To Consider When Buying Work Shoes]

2. Buy Quality to Reduce Waste

Buy clothes from Sustainable brands that focus on material quality that is kind to our environment. Fast fashion brand’s clothes aim to target buyers to purchase more rather than quality that will last long.  Hence sustainable brands of clothing or even good quality clothes can help to reduce waste and save your Money That You Spent to Buy. [READ: 10 Timeless Fashion Items You’ll Love Forever]

3. Follow Your Unique Style

Avoid following the Fast fashion trend that hides your inner personality and your own unique styles. Go for buying timeless pieces that are of good and high quality. Follow your own personality and style and bid goodbye to the money-wasting trends. Buy preloved clothes or sell them.

4. Fewer Animals Are Harmed

We all know that Animals are a vital part of our ecosystem. And wildlife threat or safety should be a concern of all humans.   Boots, Leather bags, fur items, wool, feathers, and wool usually harm animal populations. Go sustainable to save these animals by not buying these animal-made things.  Ethical brands make cruelty-free clothing, and from recycled materials or bamboo for sustainable fashion.  [READ: 9 Simple Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Your Wardrobe]

5. Labour Friendly

5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion

The Fast fashion brand sells their clothes at low prices as they pay low to workers and have a high margin. While ethical brands take very minimum advantage of workers and promote our culture and green fashion.

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