10 Tips To Buy Bridal Jewellery

10 Tips To Buy Bridal Jewellery

Remember the time when buying a piece of wedding jewellery meant visiting the same old jewellery shop. A shop that has been in the same locality for years. Our parents did not have many options when it came to choosing their jewellery, isn’t it? Well, times have changed. 

Effective Tips on Wedding Jewellery Shopping

Today, we certainly are not bound to limited choices. But with great choices comes greater responsibilities. Hence, here are some tips on how to buy your wedding jewellery.

  1. Set an estimated budget 

To shop for your bridal jewellery, it is vital to set an estimated budget. Why? Well, weddings are an expensive affair. And to ensure that everything is running smoothly, every little shopping list must have a price estimation. Price estimation ensures hassle-free shopping.

Once you have a budget ready, you will automatically know what to buy. How? Well,  when you have a budget, you tend to search for the products within the estimated price—having such a strategy based on an estimated budget helps you search for the best pieces of bridal jewellery within your price range. [READ: Get Details for Destination Wedding in Goa]

  1. Choose your dress and then the jewellery.

To know which jewellery you wish to purchase, you must have an idea of the dress you will be wearing. We all know that the wedding day is not just about the bridal jewellery sets but also the dress. One inevitable thing is that the wedding dress and the bridal jewellery go hand in hand. If one fails to complement the other, the overall look becomes somewhat chaotic. 

Hence, choose a dress within your suitable price range. A word of suggestion, try purchasing the dress and the bridal jewellery online. Why? Because the online bridal jewellery and dresses are much more affordable, and the quality, by no means, is compromised. You just need to know where to look. 

  1. Compare prices 

I cannot emphasise enough how vital it is to compare the prices. While a bridal jewellery set may cost you a fortune in one store, the same set can cost much less in some other store. 

What I’m trying to imply is that it is essential to explore more options and compare. While searching for bridal jewellery online, you must look for other jewellery within the same price and compare them. 

buy Indian Bridal Jewellery
  1. Shortlist

As a bride, you’re bound to get confused. Confused about which bridal jewellery set to buy and which set should you opt-out. Every bridal jewellery, especially in India, has its significance. Hence, every intricate design will surely sweep you off your feet. 

As tempting as it sounds, to buy it all,  we must abstain. Hence, shortlisting your bridal jewellery sets is highly essential. Choose the jewellery that suits your budget, and then after comparing, shortlist the jewellery you want to finalise. 

  1. Check the versatility of the product. 

When we buy a product, we usually see its possibilities of being useful in the future. It’s no different in cases of bridal jewellery. You may buy the bridal jewellery online or from some store you trust; the product’s versatility must be a priority. How? Well, let’s consider an example.

 Suppose you bought a gorgeous pen and you love it. The pen is indeed expensive, but you could not resist. Two days later, when you try to write using that pen, suddenly you realise that the ink is dried and you cannot use it anymore. Hence, the investment you made for such a beautiful thing goes in vain in no time. 

Here, the pen is the bridal jewellery set that you are so bent upon buying. But you must abstain yourself from the bridal jewellery that might not go very well with other dresses in the future. Try not to get fixated on buying jewellery that will not complement any mix match. 

  1. Research 

Imagine a situation wherein you heard someone talking about how they got south Indian bridal jewellery at an absurdly low price. You want to believe this, but somehow you cannot bring yourself to do so. 

Hence, always research the jewellery and the store that you are planning to visit. Be it bridal jewellery online or a store that is new in your locality. Always check for its authenticity. Both store and the bridal jewellery sets that you are trying to purchase. 

Look for hallmark signs, research the alloy used to make the bridal jewellery. Research everything that you might feel will help you with your shopping saga for bridal jewellery sets. 

  1. Affordability

While buying any jewellery, predominantly south Indian bridal jewellery, it is vital to check the prices beforehand. South Indian bridal jewellery has one of the finest craftsmanship on the entire continent. Once you wear south Indian bridal jewellery, you have lived your fairytale to  the fullest.

The bridal jewellery sets, however, are very costly. Yet, some bridal jewellery sets are very affordable and elegant at the same time. These are present in the online portals. 

  1. Product finishing

There have been instances where a person proudly purchased expensive bridal jewellery, but the set did not last long. The stones started falling, and the chain could not bear the weight of the entire necklace. What a waste of money!

Hence, you need to check whether your bridal jewellery set has a perfect and detailed finishing. Sometimes, the unfinished pieces of jewellery are harsh on the skin and make the bearer very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to check the finishing, shape size, and everything about the jewellery, especially when searching for bridal jewellery online.

  1. Quality of the product and manufacturing details

All these criteria, as mentioned earlier, ensure that you get the perfect bridal jewellery for yourself. The quality of the product is another vital part. It plays a cardinal role while buying bridal jewellery online. Look for the quality of metal alloy used. Tally the ratings with some reputed and legitimate certification standards.

Gather information about the making charges, the labour costs and other manufacturing details. 

  1. Return policy and warranty period of the product

An authentic product will have a well-versed warranty period along with a return policy. In branded stores, one can ensure that the return, exchange and warranty of the jewellery are authentic. Yet, one should always run a thorough check on these factors.


While the wedding season is around the corner, we all must be caught in the chaos of the jewellery sets, and dresses, and everything that would make a perfect wedding. As essential as the other factors of the wedding are, jewellery is still the top most expensive affair in a wedding. Hence, it must be chosen wisely. 

These ten tips will turn out to be a boon. They cover almost everything that the bride-to-be, along with her family, can hover on.  

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