Here Are the Loungewear Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2021 – Including Pajamas

Here Are the Loungewear Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2021 – Including Pajamas

Let’s be honest: each one of us enjoys wearing their pajamas while at home. And at some point, we’re all going to work from home for a while, or longer.

If you thought that 2021 wouldn’t come with new loungewear, you’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to wear suits the entire year. But rather that you will have to adapt to the new “normal”, which means that you’ll wear pajamas more often. Yes, you’ve read it right!

It’s only natural that the home clothing industries are going to experience a rise. Cofounders of luxury sleepwear clothing brands are already experiencing a demand for the home clothing category. The loungewear trend started to rise in popularity well before the pandemic hit. And we all believe that it’s going to stay with us long.

But what exactly that means in terms of 2021 home-wear trends? Fortunately, fans of comfy clothes have a lot to choose from this season. From new simple pieces to trendy ways of styling. Experts already announced that this is the time of the year when you can wear your pajamas outside your home!

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The pajama trend is quite demanding and you should definitely give it a try right away. Here you’ll find some of the best ideas on how and with what to wear your new loungewear, or better said, your new pajamas on the streets. Just imagine a silky set of bamboo pajamas, and a pair of comfortable shoes. No matter where you’re going, a cozy outfit will always be a perfect choice. You can choose to wear a PJ top with a pair of jeans, or fully cover your body with a sweet and silky PJ set. You’re officially allowed to wear your new loungewear in public.

If you want to replace your usual coat, then choosing a relaxed shawl is a good choice. Underneath, you can choose to wear a slip dress. Forget about your old custom-made suits and try a relaxed fit pajama (top and trousers). Many people, including women, are big fans of wearing pajamas. All you need is a par of loose fit trousers and blouse – you can pair it with a leather jacket and a pair of heeled sandals. If this is your first-time wearing pajamas on the street, you better be prepared because you’re going to attract all the attention. If you are not that bold, then you might choose a dark colored pajama set for a start. Or, you could a pajama shirt and a pair of jeans, and a classic blazer on top. It’s simple, relaxed, and you’ll definitely look stunning.

If you’re feeling free to try anything of the pajama trend, then you can have a pajama shirt in pastel color teamed with a pair of white trousers or jeans, all of this styled with a pair of white sandals. It can be anything from fully-silk relaxed fit pajama, with a matching belt around your waist. You’ve definitely familiar with the kimono style pajamas made of silk fabric and printed with colorful flowers. However, this is a bit outdated. So, choose something more modern, like a white slim pajama set, maybe something printed in green-leaves. You might not be into silk, so you can go for a loose velvet design in green or yellow color. Don’t want to go fully covered in pajamas on the streets? Then you should wear a blue midi dress, a pajama jacket, and complete the outfit with a cool pair of white sneakers. Done, you’re good to go! There are endless options on how you can wear your pajamas in 2021!

How to wear it?

So, we’ve got special and precious information for you in this article. Here’s how to wear your pajama this year!

The days when this clothing was worn only during your sleeping hours are gone, luckily. The pajama look is a big trend on the streets right now. Honestly, you can see many ladies, including celebrities wearing them on the street, and they look like they’re having much fun in those silken designs. No, they’re not sleepwalkers, they’re fashionistas! Of course, some people might think that they’ve forgot to change their clothes, but then you realize that the loungewear really looks modern, trendy, and ladylike.

First things first, let’s focus on the various ways on how to accessorize your pajama clothes. If you’ve just bought a pajama set and decided to wear it on a special occasion, you should know how to accessorize it, so you look trendy and chic. Complete your look and add a pair of sunglasses, a clutch, a cool hat, a classy pair of shoes, and a silky, beautiful scarf. You should focus on choosing only sophisticated and elegant accessories, so you won’t look chaotic. Avoid wearing too casual footwear: keep things stylish and dramatic. But also, don’t wear exaggerated fits – you should stick to shiny and structured outfits.

It’s wise to wear stylish patterns, like plaids, florals, stripes, etc. Don’t hesitate on bringing that retro designs back, such as abstract prints and geometries. If you want to make your pajama outfit look more street-appropriated, then you should consider choosing a blazer, coat, jacket, or a cape on your shoulders. This will make your whole outfit look elegant and arranged. It’s so urban-friendly! These additional layers, such as blazers and coats, will add style to your pajama set. Want to wear a printed pajama? Then you better go for a plain jacket, or vice versa, so you can balance the whole outfit.

Still, if you’re a beginner, then you can always pair your pajama set with a favorite piece of clothing from your closet. If it’s warm enough outside, then try to match your printed pajama trousers with a crop-top. Alternatively, you can choose pajama-inspired pieces, such as culottes and palazzo trousers, and flowing blouses.

These style ideas are perfectly designed for cocktail parties or other special events, but also to wear them on the streets.

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