Treatment of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: How To Stop Alcohol addiction?

Treatment of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: How To Stop Alcohol addiction?

Do you know some who fails to control his/her drinking spree and often gets into trouble with the emotions? It is a sure sign of alcoholism, and its treatment requires the adoption of a comprehensive approach. It’s a common misconception that an individual’s will power can see him through this situation.

It is not true as alcohol abuse is a brain disease as it causes changes in the way your brain functions and controls your body. It is essential to be aware of the treatments before; you actually even think of any alcohol rehab centre.

Overcoming addiction

It will be a long process that requires a combination of treatments and the continued determination of the individual. Together these two can take the person towards the path of sobriety. However, what will work the best for one might not work for the other as personal circumstances have a role to play here.

Your history of alcohol abuse, emotional support available, commitment level, financial support and several other factors determine your chances of success.

Once you have gathered the courage and determination of getting rid of alcoholism, the first logical step would be to meet the doctor to initiate the treatment process.

Treatment of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism How To Stop Alcohol addiction


The treatment comes in the form of counselling, intervention, day treatment/care program or a residential one in a rehab centre. Irrespective of the treatment plan you adopt, there is the singular goal of helping you eliminate alcohol abuse.


The first step is conducted under the supervision of medical professionals and may take anywhere from five to ten days. Here, certain precautions are necessary when it comes to managing the withdrawal symptoms.


Counselling and therapies help in a thorough analysis and understanding of the individual and the root cause of alcoholism. A multi prolonged approach is adopted here that works on the psychological and behavioural aspects. With vital family support, this treatment proves to be effective. 


There are oral medications available that help in curing alcohol disorders and their related health problems. However, it is not a permanent solution and will not erase the drive to drink. Also, this drug may have side effects. Nevertheless, it helps to combat alcohol craving. 

Injected medications are a more manageable version for recovery.

Support groups

Support programs and groups also work wonders for people attempting to recover from alcohol disorder and manage relapses.

Medical treatments

In cases of severe alcohol disorder, continued treatment and follow up is required. However, once a person starts to abstain from drinking, his health parameters improve significantly.


Regular spiritual practise is known to help in recovery from alcohol disorder or its related behavioural problems. This insight into the spiritual aspect of yourself and the things around you is a critical element of healing.

Residential programs

These are rehab centres and are known to utilize a combination of treatment regimens tailored for the individual. It may include group or individual therapies, support groups, educational lectures, and more. It has several professionals who have the right expertise and experience in treating alcoholism.

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