Killer hair-care tips for the urban gentleman

Killer hair-care tips for the urban gentleman

Your appearance places a high premium in modern society. Maintaining a good hair care regime has turned out to be a necessity and can be overwhelming at times. Man’s hair is a crucial part as it sets a tone for the entire look. A well-groomed hairstyle adds to the natural beauty and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. A bad hair day can probably hamper your confidence when you are out.

As exciting good hair day sounds as awful lousy hair day is. Hair-care routine can always make up for your bad hair day and help bring out the gentlemen in you. A simple drill is all you need to make a difference in maintaining a head full of shining and healthy hair.

If you’re a male and looking to bring back the alpha in you, these hair care tips are a sure shot way to get all the eyes on you.

1. Avoid washing hair too often

The frequency of the hair wash is entirely depended on the scalp texture. Over-washing hair is quite a common trend in men. However, frequent washing damages the hair and leaves the scalp dry and itchy. Also, washing after a relatively long period makes hair look greasy and lifeless. Washing your hair after every 2 to 3 days is generally sufficient.

2. Low heat

A hot shower in freezing cold weather is undoubtedly a retreat, but it strips the vital oils from your scalp, which lead to dryness. It will make hair look frizzy, and further, the hair will become brittle and vulnerable. If you blow-dry your hair, you should always check the heat as excessive heat can harm the strands. Cutting down on any type of heat for men is the most basic rule for a hair care regime. It’s always better you leave your hair damp and let the air do the work for you as air-drying helps retain the moisture. Keeping the heating tools to a minimum significantly improves the quality of hair.

Killer hair-care tips for the urban gentleman

3. Nourish your hair

As the body needs nourishment for well-functioning, so does your hair. If you are thinking shampoo alone can-do wonders, I apologise to break it to you, but shampoo is only fifty per cent of the job. The hair will be tough to comb due to tangles and hair breakage. Shampoo without hair conditioner is a bottomless pit. Experts recommend that you should use a conditioner after every wash. It smooths the cuticles and aids in adding body for a healthy scalp and shiny hair. Also, conditioners are known for adding nutrients and assisting in rocking that new hair-do.

4. Limit the products

Using hair styling products is a must in a man’s routine; most men love to indulge in. Be it a meeting at the office or a party, hair-care products are used. That wax or the hair mask might give you a dapper look, but the chemicals that come with it can be risky. Limiting these products and using them exclusively for special events helps embrace the natural texture of the hair. The quality of the products matters a lot. You just need thorough research on what’s the best for your scalp and find best men’s hairstyling products online.

5. Maintaining the cut

A scheduled trim is crucial as you don’t want long-irritating strands which further transforms into split ends. A good hair cut is all you need to feel a lot better, fresh, and confident. It’s crucial to get the cut right as a bad cut and spoil the whole look. It’s not just the cut though; your beard requires proper trimming too. Keep your beard clean if you use styling product on it as well. Your beard trim should complement your hair-do. A good face wash and beard moisture are all you need for healthy, presentable, and fuller facial hair.

6. Pat dry your hair

It would be best if you preferred pat drying instead of rubbing your hair by brushing. The harder we rub our hair more the breakage it will cause. Rubbing hair also reduces the thickness of them and leads to hair fall. One ought to be vigilant as no one wants hair fall.

7. Pick the right barber

Everyone wants a barber that recommends what style would suit the face cut. Once you’ve got the barber that tells you what’s suitable, make him a valuable resource for everything hair. It’s not that you should be depended on your barber for best hair styling products in India, but you should always come armed with the information for hair styling products online.

8. A good diet

A good diet is a crucial factor for hair and scalp. Hair is made up of protein. Hence, it requires adequate protein intake on a daily basis. Online hair care products won’t do as good as the consumption of protein. There are plenty of protein intake sources which includes:

–          Fish

–          Beans

–          Eggs

–          Dairy products

–          Seeds and nuts

(Vegetarians can consult with a nutritionist to see if the diet they are taking is providing sufficient protein for the hair.)

Inadequate protein can damage the hair and might even lead to hair loss. The popularity of crash diets is increasing, which excludes protein, which leads to protein malnutrition. However, every problem comes with a solution, and that’s the rule of the universe. Hair can be shed with Zinc’s intake. Incorporating assorted nuts includes Brazil nuts, cashews, and almonds into your diet to combat the hair fall.  As healthy as the abundance of clean water, fruits, green salads, and vegetable sounds, far better they are to fasten your hair growth.

9. Good ole’ oil

The number of vitamins, minerals, and good fatty acids oil has, it’s hands-down extraordinary. The experts highly recommend coconut oil as it has the capability to protect your hair from dandruff and damage. Moreover, it removes sebum build-up from hair follicles which accelerates hair growth. However, if you want a hair-care product, you can always make one effortlessly! All you need is some eggs, curd, mustard oil or olive oil, coconut oil, and egg. The latter one is an all-time favourite as it’s a mighty mask to fast track your hair growth by strengthening the roots. Boiling some curry leaves and coconut oil works as an excellent hair care regime.

10. Scalp massage

As per several theses, massaging the scalp helps in reducing tension and relieve stress. Massage aids in proper blood circulation beneath the skin, making the hair follicles healthy and encouraging hair growth. Moreover, it increases the thickness of hair by stretching the cells. Using fingertips and applying minimum pressure to the scalp does the job well.


Men’s hair styling products are indeed helpful but using them appropriately and keeping the hygiene is something which comes into play. A good hair care regime and diet can do wonders if followed regularly and not just a one-time thing. Stay groomed, stay hydrated, stay classy! 

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