4 Most Effective Lifestyle Tips for Firmer & Toned Butts/ Booty | NAMYAA Bum Cream

4 Most Effective Lifestyle Tips for Firmer & Toned Butts/ Booty | NAMYAA Bum Cream

If you have a question in your mind ‘How to Tone Your Butt Fast’? You’re probably in a right place! A firmer buttock not just helps in boosting your sex appeal but also protects the joints, regulates the menstrual cycle, and lowers back pain.  

Read On The 4 Most Effective Lifestyle Tips For Firmer & Toned Butts/ Booty

1. Lifestyle Changes

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a flabby, large, or saggy butt. When you spend long hours sitting on the rear end every day, it encourages fat to settle and also restricts healthy blood and nutrients flow.

While the other lifestyle factors that contribute to overeating cause fat accumulation in the body. Other factors like irregular sleep, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and high stress make the body less efficient to digest & absorb nutrients from our food. Therefore, you feel hungrier and have food cravings leading to weight gain around the buttocks and other areas.

2. Diet

Diet plays a very important role to get a Firmer Butt. When a person consumes more calories than what their body needs for producing energy, the body tends to stores the extra fat for future use. And among them are the buttocks where the body stores such fats.  Hence it is important to regulate your diet for the amount of energy needed rather than overeating. Firstly, start by reducing the intake of fatty foods and drinks, salt, sugar, fast foods, or junk foods. Such foods and beverages contain more amounts of calories and are low in nutrition. [READ: PCODs Receive A Natural Solution with The Newly Launched Namyaa Period Care Kit]

Optimize the primary nutrients balanced—fat, protein, fiber, and carbohydrate for a firmer butt. Specifically include fiber which can help your body to push out excess waste that is otherwise stored as fat. Try to include lean proteins that are loaded with good nutrients.

3. Saggy Butt Exercises

Exercise helps to tone the entire body, along with the buttocks. Include both strength-training exercises and cardiovascular for proportionate muscle-toning and weight loss.  While, there are certain specific exercises to tone butt muscles, such as-

Squats in any ways like ball squats, crab-squats, and side-to-side squats, back squats, sumo squats, and front squats are best for your glutes. The squat is the most effective movement to Keep Your Lower Body in Shape. Start with a standard bodyweight squat and gradually add weight.

For best results always keep your back straight while doing squats.  Perform your Squat with a wide stance while using dumbbells /a barbell for higher activation of your gluteus maximus.

-Do Leg raises while lying on the side, back, and front. Always lift the leg straight, evenly, and smoothly to maintain a straight line along the torso, keeping the abs contracted and feels the butt muscles contraction while lifting the leg.

– Include Bridge with or without a stability ball. For even better results, tuck in your chin slightly, practice butt muscle contraction without contracting the hamstrings.

Lunges, step-ups, and kicks do great help to tone your bum. While whcalisthenics and aerobic exercise are also useful to get a firmer butt by eliminating excess fat.

4. Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream

Women tend to gain more weight in their lower portion of the body as compared to the upper one. Hence, Namyaa has introduced the Brazilian bum cream that helps to Tone and tightens your butt.

4 Most Effective Lifestyle Tips for Firmer & Toned Butts Booty  NAMYAA Bum Cream

Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream is the best way to tone bum at home. It improves your curves, easy to use, and contains all certified ingredients. It has some rare ingredients that target the production of the fatty tissue in the buttocks to make it firmer. It includes ingredients such as chamomile, nutmeg, roots of anemarrhena asphodelodies, macadamia seed oil, and glycerine for lifting, toning, and plumping, the gluteal region or bum. This also claims to enhance and improve the contours and curves of the bum, adding a smooth outlay and sexy appearance.


Do add these Most Effective Lifestyle Tips for Firmer & Toned Butts/ Booty in your daily routine. Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream is definitely the best solution to get a firm and toned bum without any hassle and painful surgery like Brazilian Butt Lift, Implants, or Emsculpt treatment.

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