Jawline Exercises

Jawline Exercises

A chiseled jawline is something desirable for both men and women. For men, a more masculine appearance elevates your look, making you more handsome. Women will portray another level of elegance and beauty with a slimmer face and this kind of jawline. Imagine walking down the street, and people are looking at you and smiling. Satisfying right? Before you achieve this look, you will need to invest more time and undertake some jawline exercises. Typically, jawline structures are dependent on your genetics. However, with the use of tools or corrective measures, you can achieve a desirable look. Exercises have also proven to be efficient. Below are some of the practical steps that will help you in this journey.

Chewing Gum

You probably could be wondering how this will work. Most people do not know that chewing gum can effectively help you get a chiseled jawline. When you settle for this option, ensure that you first get a durable piece of gum. If you decide on the types that will not last, your efforts will go down the drain. Surprisingly, chewing helps to work out at least eight muscles located around your face and neck. When you start chewing, these muscles become strengthened. The result is accentuation and a concave shape, thus a more chiseled appearance. It is the definitive work out that you should consider above them all. It is also cheap, and you can do it while engaging in other activities. Make it a daily exercise, and you will see the results.

The Scream

The scream requires more effort for you to achieve the goal. It’s probably safe in a place where you can sit alone comfortably without interfering with others, choose a room in your house and sit with your palms on your thighs. Ensure you are comfortable; otherwise, it will not work. Take a deep breath. The vital part is when you breathe out. Ensure you position your tongue in a place where you’re trying to touch your chin. It looks like a kid’s regular activity, but the steps can bring forth results. Try harder and get out of your comfort zone. The more you push it, the better the results. When you reach your maximum, settle for around ten seconds. Release the tongue to its original position. Take a break, then repeat with an even more formidable force. A repetition of four rounds a day is enough to improve the elasticity around the cheek, muscles, and jawline.

Neck Crunches

The crunches in this scenario are almost similar to those you would do in an ab crunch. Find a flat ground and lie down with your face looking at the roof. Your feet and stomach should not leave the floor the entire time of the exercise. Slowly but steadily lift your head to a minimum of two inches. Move continuously up and down without changing posture. Exercise some caution since a lot of pressure can result in muscle pain. Therefore, try as much to be gentle. The focus is on the jaw. A slower pace might seem useless, but the trick is it yields better results. Do three sets, each with ten rounds.

Vowel Sounds

Vowels are a kindergarten affair, but they can be helpful in this challenge. Saying the sounds focuses on the masseter muscles located around the cheeks and mouth. All you require is to find a comfortable sitting or standing position where you can even shout if you so wish. Open our mouth as wide as you can and say the vowel O, followed by E. A little exaggeration can help make the exercise better. Say out the sounds in any form that your brain denotes. The more you do it, the better the workout. A three-set, each comprising of 15 repetitions, is sufficient to bring home the results.

Chin Up, Jaw Out

The focus of this exercise is to work out the face and chin. It will help to lift both parts and consequently give you the chiseled jawline. Find a comfortable sitting position and start on with the task. Slowly push your lower chin outwards, then lift your lower lip. While you do this, your mouth should be closed the entire time. You should feel some tension building under your chin going up and around the jaw area. Hold for around ten seconds, then relax. If you don’t feel the pressure, then you are doing it all wrong. Repeat the exercise for three sets, each containing fifteen rounds. [Read: 8 Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape]


It might look like an ordinary activity but is it’s quite helpful. The best part about smiling is that you can do it anywhere. In private and also in public without feeling embarrassed. Smile as much as you can with your lips held together. You can again try it while showing your teeth. Repeat regularly and share the happiness.

As seen above, the exercises are ordinary activities that require little effort. Follow the guidelines, and you will achieve this goal within the least time possible.

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