Build Your Healthy Lifestyle Routines Today with These Top Tips

Build Your Healthy Lifestyle Routines Today with These Top Tips

Starting new habits is hard. It’s why most of us end up failing our new year’s resolutions. The fact is that to really succeed in building these new habits, we need to make them part of our everyday routines. Routines have this magical capacity to make even the most annoying tasks feel like they take less energy. Our bodies know what energy is needed, and we can mentally prepare to accommodate that task long before we actually get around to it.

Done well enough, and it can even feel weird or wrong to not do the activity as it is so engrained in our routine. We feel worse for not doing it, and that can help spur us to continue with healthy habits.

How long it takes to build a set routine differs drastically. For some, it could take just a few weeks to start and stick to a new healthy routine. For others, it can take a whole year of consistent dedication. On average, expect new routines to take two months to really set in and for you to settle.

This applies to everything from settling into a new job to getting used to a new sleep routine. Building up healthy routines takes time, and it takes energy, but with this guide, you can really stick to your health resolutions this year. [READ: Do’s and Don’ts of COVID Vaccine]

Find and Be Inspired by the Right Role Models

The right role model isn’t the most famous. They aren’t the skinniest. They aren’t the most beautiful. They aren’t even necessarily the people you follow online for fitness or healthy eating tips. The role model that is best for you is the one who has gone through a similar journey as you, and more importantly, has reached the goal you have for your health.

It’s not that they’re done or that they don’t have ways to improve. You don’t need to find someone who has it “perfect”; you just need to find someone to look up to that has suffered in similar ways who has not yet given up. Emelye Dwyer, ambassador for Myprotein, is an inspiration for those looking to get healthy after recovering from an eating disorder. Myprotein IN itself is a leading sports nutrition brand ideal for those looking to get fit and stay strong, but it isn’t just the tools you use to help you achieve your goals; it’s who inspires you along the way. Fighting and striving to build a healthy lifestyle is about routine, yes, but it is also a matter of motivation and dedication. [READ: Dr. Mohana Rao Debunks Myths About Stroke]

Build Your Healthy Lifestyle Routines Today with These Top Tips

By seeing someone else who has done it, especially if you know them personally, you can strive to do the same. That fire is what will help drive you and push you to build on those routines until they feel like second nature, regardless of what is holding you back. From mental illness to physical disability, you can work towards a healthy mind and body.

Perform the Same Steps

In an ideal world, you will stick not just to the same activities, but the same activities in the same order, at the same time. This way, you naturally feel inclined to exercise, make your bed, make breakfast, brush your teeth, and so on at the same time every day.

Lives are busy, so don’t worry too much about keeping to a very strict schedule. Instead, try to do the same activities together. Your morning routine should be consistent regardless of whether you wake up at 6 or sleep in until 10. By linking activities together, you can build that routine expectation and stick to healthy habits even on your days off.


Explore Your Options

Though this guide is about building routines, know that it is far more important that you build the right routines than just any routine at all. By choosing routines and healthy habits that feel natural and good to you, you actually ensure that you invest in a sustainable, enduring option for yourself.

You won’t always enjoy every healthy habit, but just by exploring your options and making the best decision out of those options in terms of what you eat, the exercise that you do, and even your beauty routine, you can commit much more easily to the healthy habits that will allow you to look better and more importantly feel better.

Put Wellness and Your Mental Health at the Heart of All that You Do

If you have a serious mental health illness or disorder, then seeking out professional help and guidance is a must. Even if you don’t, however, you should still put your mental health and your wellness at the heart of every routine. 

Part of this will be knowing when you need a break or simply including more breaks in your everyday if you find yourself stressed and anxious more often. Breaks do not mean the world is going to end or that you won’t get your work done. Instead, they can help give the mind a breather and improve your productivity all round.

Another way you can put your wellbeing first is by setting clear boundaries in your interpersonal relationships, even amongst good friends. If you feel uncomfortable with someone else’s behavior, let them know. Make sure that they know it’s a two-way street and that if they would prefer if you not do something to let you know.

Make these mental health and wellness activities a part of your routine as well. It could be a walk after work to calm down, or it could be consistently reaffirming your boundaries. Either way, it will help you build every day on your strength and help improve your overall being.

Don’t Quit Because you Falter

We all slip up sometimes. Having a cheat day meal doesn’t mean that all your healthy eating has gone to waste. Having one night out won’t ruin your new sleep routines. Not exercising won’t mean you have fallen off the wagon. The only thing you need to do is to remember to get back up and try again. Routines take time to build, even with the right routines for you, so keep at it, and you’ll start to see and feel the difference in all areas of your life.

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