Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Plan, Starting Yesterday

Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Plan, Starting Yesterday

Unboxing Videos For The Masses

What’s it like to open a brand new product? Unboxing videos let your viewers live vicariously. Unboxing videos can target any e-commerce deliverable. Think Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. Your actor should be likable, friendly, confident and camera friendly. These videos can be produced almost anywhere and at a very reasonable price. What’s on your shopping list?

Homepage Videos Equal Branding

Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Plan

What does your company do? What do you make? Who are you? What is your message? A well-conceived homepage video can answer all of these questions. Think of it as an ad for your company. This is your first line of communication toward landing new business. Devote the necessary time and financial resources to get this right. End it with a simple call to action. 

Can Being An Influencer Become A Career

Do you want to become an influencer. Carve our a niche. Focus on quality. Produce a lot of content.  Distribute those bites across all of your platforms. This will help turn you into an Influencer star. And if you get enough traction, companies will in turn hire you to review their products and give them a plug. Maybe Hilton Hotels will send you to Bora Bora.

YouTube, Where SEO Happens

YouTube may be getting old, in Internet years, but it should still be an essential ingredient in your video marketing strategy. Why? SEO. Search engine optimization. Who owns YouTube? Google does. Where do most searches take place?  On Google? What’s the second biggest search engine? YouTube. If you want to be found, you need to dedicate time and resources toward getting your business found via both of those avenues.  [READ: Importance Of SEO – 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO]

Live Streaming Drives Demand

This distribution mechanism for your content and messaging is a must have in today’s digital universe. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram include tools to support live streaming.  Write a script, get your visuals organized, promote the upcoming stream, go live, sell, sell, sell! [READ: How to Earn Money from Home in India]

Short-Form Videos For Millennials

What’s the attention span of the average video viewer? Six seconds? Maybe. Leverage this truism by producing compelling short-form content. You can shoot this sort of material on your iPhone 12. Distribute these across all of your social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like. Cross promote them across all of your digital platforms.

Explainer Videos Explain

Problem/solution videos are often created as explainer videos. Typically these are animated stories with voiceovers. They may try to explain something complicated or technical through animation and supporting audio script. Explainers are often not high-ticket productions. Use them for detailing specific products or services and not as a branding asset. [READ: How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer Online]

Video Distribution Via Email

So, you’ve spent the time and energy to produce some great video content. But does your tree falling in the woods not make a noise? How to get the word out? Email can be one great way to distribute your message. Engage with one of the mass mailing companies like Constant Contact. Start collecting opted-in email addresses from your various platforms. Then use that list to send out links to your video content.

360° Videos Can Deliver

Immersive 360° videos can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. They are becoming essential content when selling, for example, real estate. You’ll need an cinematographer and editor experienced in this sort of production. They will need to understand how best to shoot the scenes and then match the seams of the video, so the experience remains truly immersive. 

Drone Videos For A Bird’s Eye View

Following up on the real estate theme, drone videos are also becoming must-haves for that otherwise-impossible-to-get, top-down view of any property. Don’t hire your nephew. You’ll want to hire a professional with a FAA-sanctioned pilots license and liability insurance. Post production with this sort of content can be exhilarating.  

Social Media Videos Should Be Mobile First

You’ll also want to make content specifically for social media.  Consider the medium, audience and the fact that most social media content is consumed on mobile. This means your content should be short, compelling and work on a small screen all at the same time. Scope out your competition for best practices and content ideas.   

Don’t Forget To Hire Professionals

You wouldn’t hire your nephew to perform your emergency appendectomy. And you wouldn’t hire your niece to fix your car. Unless, of course, they are professionals in their field. If you’re needing mission-critical content to showcase your unique company, hire professionals through a video production company. They will come with scriptwriters, storyboard artists, producers, directors, cinematographers, art directors, location scouts, casting agents, sound engineers and editors. Makes sense, right.  

For all of you professional video production service needs, please contact Capitola Media.

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