Here’s Why You Should Consider Taking Spoken English Classes

Here’s Why You Should Consider Taking Spoken English Classes

No matter what damage the British invaders inflicted upon the world in the past centuries during colonial rule, one good thing that came out of those barbaric years is the universal spread of the language english that unites us today. English is the most commonly spoken language in the whole wide world currently and it acts as a medium to allow a fluent communication between two individuals belonging to different parts of the world. It is the language of the people and is considered a privilege that any and all can earn.

It is not a hidden fact that being well spoken in the language english is becoming more of a necessity to survive in this fast developing modern world. Here’s a few reasons why you should hop on the wagon and consider taking spoken english classes!

Here's Why You Should Consider Taking Spoken English Classes

1.   It is the one of the most widely spoken language in the world

The english language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the whole world. Even though it comes next to Mandarin when talking in terms of number of speakers, but English is the most frequently spoken language in the whole wide world. It is spoken in more countries in comparison to any other language. Out of 196 countries in the whole world, 60 of them have the language English as their official language. From the USA, to the United Kingdoms, Australia, New Zealand, and even Canada has the language English as their official language. Not just that, english is the most popular second language adopted in most of the countries in the world.

English has been referred to as the language of diplomacy and is also known as the official language of the European Union, NATO, United Nations, European Free Trade Association, and also of many Commonwealth countries in the world.

Even though learning a new language or a new skill is a very exciting experience, why not learn a new language that you can actually use more often!

2.   It will make you a desirable choice for job opportunities

While submitting your Curriculum Vitae for a job opportunity, one thing that always stands out is the communication skills of the person and fluency in a second language. Having a clear command over a second language portraits a powerful brain. It also shows the image of the individual as a hardworking person, ready to take up any challenge by putting in a time, commitment, and all the resources necessary. [READ: When To Consider Immigrating To The United States]

While being bilingual is most definitely an impressive quality, being fluent in English along with your native language puts you a step ahead of the rest of your competition. English, the language of business, gives you the liberty to negotiate meaningful conversations with anyone from any part of the world, since most of the countries in the world speak english. This puts your employer and their company in a comparatively better position and benefits your work environment all together. Not just that, if one wishes to become either an international businessperson or wants to apply for a job abroad, since it’s a very obvious fact that communication in any kind of job is a very important element, having a grip over english would allow you to hold rather constructive and fluent conversations and would give you the opportunity to grow and go beyond just your company.

3.   It gives you the privilege to access wider knowledge

In the era of internet and modern technology, more than half pages available online with the most insightful knowledge, that one must read up on, are actually transcribed and uploaded in the English language. Having a grip over the english language opens the gates of far more of the world’s intellectual resources that broaden your mind.

4.   It opens up your chances of studying abroad in the top universities

The language English is quite often referred to as the “language of education”. All the top universities in the world, Harvard, Oxford, MIT, Cambridge, where people apply from all parts of the world, require fluency in english. Since getting into these universities is not the easiest task on planet Earth, just like a job opportunity, being bilingual could reflect your resilience and commitment. On top of it, with one of those languages being English would give you the upper hand in the game because it would ensure a possible fluent conversation and exchange of ideas. [READ: Top 6 Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2019]

5.   It is a simple language which is very easy to learn

Unlike other languages, spoken in different parts of the world, english is one of the most straightforward and easy languages to learn. It just contains letters and does not confuse the speaker with a number of symbols and pictures that are difficult to memorise and decode. It is just the alphabets that have a particular sound attached to them, and it does not over complicate things with segregating everything gender-wise but rather has a variety of neutral words that are easy to learn and remember.

Other than these advantages of learning english, you get the chance to travel with ease, attend international conferences and seminars, and even get the opportunity to access popular cultures and world’s greatest literature pieces. English truly is the language of people that unites us despite our differences.

Here's Why You Should Consider Taking Spoken English Classes

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  1. while i see people debating on the increasing focus of English language for the kids, I feel that English, being a universal language, needs to be focused on and that does not mean that we are surpassing our mother tongue.


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