Why Did Superman Wear Underwear On The Outside?

Why Did Superman Wear Underwear On The Outside?

The savior of the world, on many occasions, was Superman, according to DC. But the mystery that even the world’s greatest detective couldn’t solve was why he wore his underwear on the outside. Originally from Krypton, a planet with a vastly different Gravitational force, Superman was sent to earth to carry on the bloodline awaiting the planetary destruction of their home planet.

Was everyone on Krypton adorned with their underpants over their regular pants? Perhaps.

Did the designer of his suit miss a lecture in his couture class? Probably not.

Or, maybe the high gravitational force on Krypton required extra support (from the outside).

It’s hard to say. Not so much to speculate.

Innerwear on the outside and the several hypotheses for its root is just the beginning. Things get interesting.

Why Did Superman Wear Underwear On The Outside

Superman grew up here on earth, with a relatively normal upbringing. He was around people who have never considered layering their pants with underwear, the very thought was so foreign that it could be from another planet, and it probably was. [READ: Smart Reasons Why You Should Wear Harem Pants for Men]

He had spent his entire childhood learning to suppress his powers, and one day, he lost the only person who wanted him to do so, his father. Despite being the saddest moment of his life on earth, it unleashed the drive to rid the world of evil.

He did so, and with extra support.

A closer look (at the hypothesis, not the underwear) would lead us to a few theories. The first one of which is, Superman would anticipate requiring additional assistance in the unlikely scenario of being in the vicinity of kryptonite. In which case, he’s justified. More likely, Superman felt that his underpants were just plain uncomfortable. No Man or Kryptonian should wear dingy drawers while saving the world.

As far fetched as this inference sounds, it isn’t entirely without evidence.

Let’s have a look at Superman through the years. The first version of his suit had the bright red underwear which he retained for several suits to follow. But in recent times, Superman hasn’t been seen with his underwear poking out of the ordinary. Just the monochrome blue all over.

Coincidentally, underwear has become significantly more comfortable to wear and feel. He made this observation and decided to experiment with saving the world without his underwear on display. He stuck with it.

Every one of us might save the world one day. It’s improbable but not impossible. Dress for that day.

Bad underwear should be your Kryptonite.

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