The Makeup Artists Guide To Choose A Certified Beauty School

The Makeup Artists Guide To Choose A Certified Beauty School

For you skin is like a blank canvas. You use your brushes to create art, and you draw lines to sculpt face angles, sprinkle pigments to add light to the eye and play with colours to enhance features. When you walk down the street you keep adding makeup to every face you encounter, and it’s challenging never to tell people when their eyeliner doesn’t compliment their eyes, or when their lipstick doesn’t match the tone of their skin. [READ: Basic Makeup Kit for Travel in India]

With a passion for colours and a talent for mixing textures and adding beauty to a face, you are considering a career in the beauty industry. Now that the time came to select an institute to provide you with training and certification, you are anxious because you don’t know what school to pick. Only because some brands are popular in the beauty world, it doesn’t mean they are also the right choice for you because they may not fit your style, and instead of colouring your wings and teaching you to fly, they will confine you to a cage of techniques and methods that don’t fit your skills. 

Becoming a makeup artist isn’t only a career choice for you; it’s a path your creative tells you to follow. So, how do you choose a makeup school? [READ: Tips To Employ The Right Makeup Artist For Your Beauty Business In Australia]

The Makeup Artists Guide To Choose A Certified Beauty School
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Check the industry relevance of the school

The choice of makeup school affects your career path you follow once you complete the courses. At the moment, you may have no idea what career you want to follow, but don’t let panic overwhelm you because most students don’t know what they want. 

The school will guide your steps into finding your true passion because it exposes you to different environments and scenarios. You may want to pursue a career in working with people for special events, or you may discover you have a passion for fantasy makeup. Or perhaps you are more interested in the world of film and special effects, and you want to enroll in classes that improve your stage makeup artistry

Once you graduate classes, there are many paths you can choose from, but to decide which one you like the most, explore them all. Pick a school that provides you with access to various experiences. Consider whether the institute offers employment prospects when you finish. The reputation of the makeup school, tutors’ experience, and the training facilities are only some factors that can help you make a final decision. Have a look at the social media profiles, download the syllabus and check the tutorials the trainers provide. Make an informed decision. 

Pick a certified organisation

With the growth of demand in the past years, the number of makeup schools that have emerged by night has also increased. If you run an internet search, you can find dozens only in your region. Typically, most schools lack credentials, experienced tutors, or proper training facilities to deliver high-quality information to their students. When you come upon a website that lacks details about the tutors, the certifications and experience of the trainers, or information about the school premises and facilities, the organisation probably lacks certification. Pay attention to red flags and don’t waste your time on a school that has no certification because it hurts your career. 

Certified makeup schools are open and transparent about their syllabus, tutors, educational facilities, and courses. They have been in makeup training for years and are proud to share with their prospective students details about their classes and trainers. They have user-friendly websites that list complete information about the services they offer and provide virtual tours around their premises to offer makeup enthusiasts with a glimpse of how their student life would look if they would enroll to the classes.     

Check the vibe of the place

When you look for makeup schools, don’t consider only the reputation, but also the people because they create the vibe of the place. Visit a few makeup schools, and see what vibes the place offers, to make sure you’ll have an enjoyable student experience. Some educational institutions offer prospective students the opportunity to visit the facilities before they enrol in the classes, to see for themselves how the place looks and decide if they’ll fit in. That’s the only way to get an authentic feel of the environment and narrow down the list of choices. [READ: Top Courses For Fashion Aspirants In India]

For certified makeup schools, the welfare of the students is essential because they want to make sure they feel comfortable to dive into learning. 

Review the syllabus

If you are interested in a specific makeup path, it goes without saying that you want to review the syllabus. Decide what you want to study, and look for courses that meet your needs. Also, determine if you’re going to enrol in a short course of you are looking for one that offers more in-depth education. Longer courses usually provide you with a full range of skills, many hours of practical training, and qualifications to impress any employer. Shorter courses are best for makeup artists who want to improve their skills or top up their abilities in particular areas. 

Your makeup degree shouldn’t be about theory, but about the experience, you get into working in a specific field. The best school is the one that offers practical hands-on training and industry certification. You acquire the skills and then learn how to apply them in a practical environment. You discover what it takes to work for an employer and be self-employed because in the beauty industry, makeup artists often work for themselves. [READ: What is the Scope of being a Makeup Artist in India?]

Decide if you like the training facilities

When you visit the makeup school, take a closer look at their training facilities. The learning environment is vital, no matter what subject you study because it impacts your mood and performance. A reputable school has various facilities that adapt to the needs of different students because when you study makeup, you need the environment to fit your creativity and personality. A school with flexible facilities enables you to train in an environment that supports your talent and prepares you for working in a creative industry. [READ: Get a Diploma in Personal Training]

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