A Detailed Guide For Fashion Brands to Come Up With Their Marketing Strategies

A Detailed Guide For Fashion Brands to Come Up With Their Marketing Strategies

One of the dynamic fields, things that were fashionable until yesterday, is no longer so, and the cycle continues. In such a situation, it is imperative for brands to keep up with the pace and come up with innovative ways to attract new customers. It is here that the internet and video have a major role to play.

You must realize that the world of fashion is all about aesthetic appeal, and videos are an effective way of conveying the message across to potential clients. For a brand, videos allow room to show different aspects of a piece of clothing or accessory, which would otherwise not be possible through conventional print or audio promotions. For a potential customer, videos enable them to envision the product and figure out if that is something to their taste.

This makes video an essential element of a fashion brand’s marketing strategies. In this piece, we shall throw light on some essential tips that will help in strategizing the video marketing plans of fashion brands.

A Detailed Guide For Fashion Brands to Come Up With Their Marketing Strategies

Cross-platform Promotions

As a fashion brand, you may already be having a business page on Instagram and Facebook, a LinkedIn profile, a YouTube channel, or a presence in more than one social media platform. To ensure the maximum reach of your marketing videos, you need to cross-promote them across platforms.

For example, if you are creating a YouTube video about your new product line, start by deciding on a launch date. In the days leading to the video launch, post on Facebook, or have a countdown to the virtual launch in your Instagram story. Once launched, share the video across your different social media handles for maximum views.

Organize your Playlists

YouTube allows users the option of creating multiple playlists. If you are a fashion brand looking to make the most of YouTube in your marketing strategies, then you should start with organizing your Playlist on the basis of the type of collection it showcases. That way, when a potential customer visits your channel, it will be easier for them to find the type of content they are looking for, thus making them more prone to making a purchase.

Keep it Short

Fashion is all about what catches the eye, and most of the time, customers do not have the patience to sit through long videos. Use an intro maker to come up with an attractive intro that keeps the viewer glued to the video. Have clarity on your content and convey the central idea as briefly as possible. If your video length exceeds that of 5 minutes, try to break it up into multiple short videos.

Optimize the Title

There are millions of channels on YouTube, and an effective way for you to gain visibility is by incorporating SEO keywords in your marketing strategy. Start by identifying relevant keywords. One must realize that usage of random keywords will do more harm than good, and your video will not have visibility among the target audience. Channel title, title, and description of each individual video must be SEO optimized to increase the reach of your fashion video.

Engage with the Audience

Most social media algorithms are designed in a way such that the posts with high engagement are more likely to appear in the feed of non-followers. That is why you must encourage your viewers to like and comment on the videos that you post on your social media page. Ensure that no comment goes unnoticed and that you engage with your target group.

If there is any negative comment, be courteous about it and reply as politely as possible. Such active communication with the audience will help them relate with you, thereby making them more likely to make a purchase. To encourage maximum participation, you can have polls asking your followers for suggestions on video topics and then give them what the majority asks for.

Come Up with Tutorial Videos

If you are a brand selling fashion products, try to come up with videos on how to use your products. For example, a cosmetics brand can come up with a video on how to deal with monsoon make-up woes. This is informative content, and women who use makeup products will be tempted to watch it.

A Detailed Guide For Fashion Brands to Come Up With Their Marketing Strategies

In the course of the video, the brand can talk about the features of each of the products that they are using, thereby tempting viewers to make a purchase. You can also use an outro maker to come up with creative outros that are efficient in getting potential customers to act on the CTAs at the end of such tutorial videos.

Optimize your Videos for Mobile Viewing

Usually, people who are conscious of the fashion trends are the ones who are always on the go and do not have the luxury of browsing from the comfort of their laptops. With an increase in the use of mobile phones, a lot of them use their smartphones to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion. That is why it is important for you to optimize your videos for mobile viewing. As far as possible, shoot them in portrait mode.

Look for Celebrity Collaborations

The world of fashion is all about doing what a celebrity (who is perceived as ‘fashionable’ by society) does. If your fashion brand can collaborate with social media or YouTube influencers and come up with collaboration videos, then you can expand your reach to all of the followers of the celebrity in question. Moreover, when your own subscribers see a celebrity influencer endorsing it, they are likely to be impressed and make a purchase.

Marketing is a challenge for fashion brands because trends change really swiftly here. With video as a marketing tool, it becomes much easier for brands to keep up with the changing trends and convey the same to their potential customers. As you explore the power of video in the world of fashion and beauty, we hope that this article was successful in giving you a headstart.

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