Are Exercise And Lifestyle Changes Enough To Control Blood Sugar Levels?

Are Exercise And Lifestyle Changes Enough To Control Blood Sugar Levels?

I was at my doctor’s clinic for a regular allergic cold check-up when he told me, “You have diabetes.” Hearing this was definitely scary. I already knew a lot about it as even my parents are diabetic. Keeping blood sugar levels within the range was definitely the most challenging task. The reason being many factors affect blood sugar levels, few times even unexpectedly.  

Diabetes management needs awareness and understanding of your own self. It’s important to understand what makes your blood sugar level fall and rise and how you can control these daily factors. There are many effective ways to control diabetes which is a relentless and continuous challenge.  There is no fully assured natural cure for diabetes, but one can lead a balanced and normal life if you study how to control your blood glucose levels.

Let’s learn how exercise and lifestyle changes help with diabetes in India.

Physical activity

Physical activities are known to be the most important factor in diabetes management. During exercise, the body muscles make use of glucose (sugar) for energy. Hence, regular physical activity can help the body to use insulin even more efficiently.[1] Adults are recommended to exercise at least five days a week for about 30 minutes every day. It is even advised to consult your doctor or dietician to make the best exercise plan to suit your limitations and needs.

Improve your Strength

Regular strength training two times a week can get you normal blood sugar levels. Our muscles absorb more glucose during strength training and that helps the body be even more efficient. Adding body-weight exercises such as lunges, push-ups, and squats can give even better results.[2]   [READ: 9 Essentials to Boost Immune System Naturally]

Stress and Illness

Stress-related hormones are released when you’re sick or stressed to fight the illness. Such hormones also tend to raise your blood sugar level.[3] Hence it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle like maintaining a healthy diet, monitoring the blood glucose levels, and regular exercise. [READ: Types Of Sugar And Heart Disease]

Maintaining A Regular Bedtime

Type 2 diabetes and heart disease are directly linked to poor sleeping habits.[4]  According to researchers, people with poor quality sleep or those who don’t get enough are more prone to diabetes. Poor sleep tends to change the way our body produces and uses insulin.

Sleep helps in maintaining the levels of hormones that help you feel full and hungry. And when this sleeping pattern or time is disturbed, the body doesn’t produce the required amount of the hormone, known as leptin (tells the brain you’ve eaten enough). In addition, poor sleeping habits can increase another hormone namely ghrelin, known to increase your desire to eat. So we are left with more of the hunger hormone than the fullness hormone.

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But the question is: are exercise and lifestyle changes enough to control blood sugar levels?  The answer is “NO”!

While they are crucial, we forget that the right nutrition and medicines are equally important.

Food Quality

A diabetic’s diet must have a proper mix of fruits, vegetables, starches, fats, and proteins. The right source of carbohydrates like vegetables, whole grains, and fruits can be consumed as food for diabetics. Such foods have low bad carbohydrates levels and high fibre to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Good Eating Habits

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Skipping a meal is not considered good for diabetes. Being hungry for a longer duration of time makes our body to feed itself with the help of glucose being released by the liver. Learn about the right portion size that works for you with each type of food. Make a note of this to make the process simple and work for you.

Monitoring and Medication

Consult your doctor for over-the-counter medicines and take as per the prescribed dosage. Do regular monitoring of blood sugar levels to keep a check on how food, medication, exercise, or lifestyle changes are making a difference. This will help you stick to the habits most suitable and beneficial for you.

Right Nutrition

One way to ensure I get the right nutrition is through Ensure Diabetes Care. This diabetes-specific nutrition is scientifically formulated to help manage blood sugar and support weight management. Ensure Diabetes Care has helped me and my family with muscle mass building and also provides support to heart and digestive health.[5]

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Diagnosed with diabetes? Don’t stress yourself with the feeling of being in a life sentence. But it’s also important to make many new lifestyle and food habits, and medication changes to manage your diabetes. Good nutrition, exercise, advised medicines, and Ensure Diabetes Care has helped me and my family to live a full & active life.

Doing this helps us to enjoy most of our favorite foods; it’s just important to eat them in a new right way filled with plenty of flavor and nutrients.

Live life to the fullest!


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