Starting Kits For Stylists

Starting Kits For Stylists

Becoming a professional stylist is a tough and long journey, requiring years of experience and professional equipment. Indeed, even the most skilled stylist won’t be able to provide satisfying makeovers to their clients without the proper supplies. Noble Lashes offers a premium choice of tools and accessories, developed with professional stylists in mind. If you are just beginning your journey as a stylist, we recommend one of the many starting kits available at our online store!

Every single stylist, even the most experienced one, had to start from the bottom. During these early stages of developing as a stylist, choosing the proper supplies can be difficult due to their sheer amount available on the market, which can be overwhelming to the beginners. Starting kits can help you with the choice, gathering together high-quality supplies at an affordable price!

What can I find in a starting kit?

Starting kits often include everything you might need during a specific treatment. The most popular ones offer eyelash extensions supplies, as well as training kits with which you will be able to improve your skills and gain experience before you move onto working with clients. In a regular starting kit, you will find a combination of different eyelash extensions, with varying length, curl and thickness, allowing you to offer more variety to your clients. The starting kits also include an eyelash adhesive, along with cosmetic tapes, eye patches, and tweezers. Some also include a bottle of primer, cleaner, and remover, as well as jade stones and other accessories.

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Microblading starting kits

Starting Kits For Stylists

If you’re planning on providing microblading treatments to your clients, we recommend getting a microblading starting kit to make the beginnings easier. Such a starting kit includes everything you might need to properly and successfully provide a microblading treatment. Usually, such kits include a set of various pigments, a microblading pen with a set of needles, as well as a helpful eyebrow symmetry measure. A permanent pencil, a pair of tweezers and an eyebrow tinkle can also be found.

Premium starting kits and more at Noble Lashes

If you’re looking for the perfect starting kit, head over to and choose one of the many pre-made kits for beginner stylists. To quickly jump-start your salon, we recommend the Premium Starter Kit, which includes a couple of sets of different eyelash extensions, along with two types of eyelash adhesive, a set of two rainbow tweezers, a primer, cleaner, and remover, micro-applicators, a pair of scissors, and a handy mirror. The kit also includes a Pure Lash eyelash shampoo, aloe vera eye patches, two sets of cosmetic tape, ten brushes, a Lash Shelf, a crystal stone for glue, a multifunctional weather station, as well as 10 pcs of booklets, recommendations and questionnaires for your clients.

Make sure to check the full starting kit offer at for even more high-quality starting kits at affordable prices!

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