Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

Nothing is better than washing your hands using water and soap, but hand sanitizer equally works well in a jiffy. Also with the (COVID-19) coronavirus pandemic outbreak, it is really important to stay extra safe. And, hand sanitizers provide the best defense against bacteria & viruses such as coronavirus, influenza.

Also, let’s admit, we can’t have soap and a sink everywhere you go, and here comes hand sanitizer into the picture. During such situations, hand sanitizer is the best backup plan to disinfect your hands when you have no access to soap & water for hand washes. Alcohol-based sanitizers like Deyga are best for killing various types of germs. Here is the review for the best hand sanitizer in India I have come across. 

Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

Let’s check Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

What Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer claims?

Keep germs at bay in just 5 seconds, with Deyga’s Hand Sanitizer. Enriched with natural ingredients and isopropyl alcohol, it keeps your hands 99.99% germ-free. This instant liquid-based hand sanitizer includes the benefits of fresh aloe vera and pure tea tree essential oil that provides rinse-free, on-the-go germ protection while keeping your hands feeling soft, fresh, and smooth.

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About Deyga

Deyga is a home-grown brand with a strong belief that our traditional rescue for skin and hair will always make one’s life easy & satisfied. Our products are handcrafted with love. Each product that we manufacture has the touch of tradition & care. Our products range from skincare, hair care, lip care, oral care, foot care, eye care, baby care, bath & body care, wellness etc.

Price & Quality

Rs.550 for 350ml

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Ingredients List

Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

How to use Hand Sanitizer:

  • Take the needed amount of sanitizer in your hand.
  • Gently massage and rub it well for about 30 seconds using both hands, until it dries up.
Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

My views about Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer

This popular Hand Sanitizer in India comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. It has no artificial fragrance added to it and the product color is clear like water.

I also use it for my baby as it has no harsh chemicals. This is a liquid-based hand sanitizer and provides protection instantly on application. It also has the goodness of fresh aloe vera & pure tea tree essential oil those soft hands. So now you get rinse-free, on-the-go germ protection in just a minute.

Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer Review

The hand sanitizer is super soft and smooth on skin and leaves it feeling fresh. It leaves our hands squeaky clean post every usage without any drying out effect. .

However % of alcohol content is not mentioned on the product which is much needed during this pandemic.

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Deyga Organics Hand Sanitiser

I would highly recommend Deyga for its organic and natural products. Make sure to always keep Deyga Organics Hand Sanitizer handy to stay safe!!

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