Can Most People Look Attractive By Losing Weight

Can Most People Look Attractive By Losing Weight

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But for people in the 20th century, it’s a lot more than the beauty on the inside. It is more about looking attractive.

One of the easiest ways that influencers and fitness freaks recommend to look attractive is to lose weight. But does that really work? Does losing fat make you look attractive from the face or the entire body? On what grounds do you measure attractiveness?

We answer all these commonly asked questions by people and reveal some facts about looking attractive by losing weight. 

Can Most People Look Attractive By Losing Weight?

Considering the current era, the answer to the above question would be a YES! People want to look attractive as they feel it is one of the most significant factors of boosting confidence. Losing fat is also a way of becoming healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. Check these reviews of the most effective fat burners to get aid in your weight loss journey.

Can Most People Look Attractive By Losing Weight

However, when it comes to looking attractive by losing weight, various factors come into the picture:

Losing Face Fat to Look Attractive

Our face tells a lot of stories and speaks a lot for our bodies. We can detect various health problems through one’s face like low blood pressure, anemia, pale skin, dermatological problems, food deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

Apart from giving away certain facts with regards to our overall health and immunity levels, our face also reveals a lot about our Body Mass Index (BMI). Body Mass Index is calculated as the person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of the person’s height in meters, the overall unit being kg/m2

If you have some excess weight on your body, it shows on your face through your cheeks. The cheek areas start sagging and hanging down the face giving away on the fat content. Your face starts looking heavy and old.

Therefore, a study reveals that, for people to start noticing the difference on your face, you need to reduce your BMI by 1.33 points. 

This means that women and men who are overweight would need to lose around 8 pounds and 9 pounds respectively. This study was carried out based on the average height of women and men which is 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 10 inches respectively.

According to various surveys and studies, women with attractive features usually have a BMI of 19, and men with attractive faces have a BMI of 24. This means their ideal weights for women and men should be 111 and 165 pounds respectively.

The speed of your weight loss, especially from the face is also a remarkably notable factor. If you start losing weight rapidly, it shows on your face almost within a few days. However, if it’s a slow process, people eventually get used to watching you every day and observe no striking difference. [READ: 5 Vitamins That’ll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant, and Healthy]

Point to Note: Losing weight almost rapidly to look attractive is not considered to be healthy. Sudden switches and changes in your body make it difficult for your system to adapt to the extreme changes and it may start reacting in a certain way. This can make you feel fatigued easily, lead to hair loss, make you look pale and skinny, etc.

Once you start a fitness regimen or a diet plan or start consuming a fat burner, the change starts happening from your face in most cases because it is a reflection of what you are and what you eat.

However, for an overall body makeover, and to instill more confidence as well as look more attractive, the face is not the only feature that would help. What you need is a well maintained and toned body.

Losing Body Fat to Look Attractive

While your face is the feature that’s most visible, your body is also an important aspect and has equal rights of looking and feeling good. If you have a bulky body, with oodles of fat, it may make you feel under confident and insecure.

This does not mean that you are not healthy but can work more towards adopting a healthy lifestyle and the first step to which is by regulating your weight.

Moderate levels of exercise and activity can help you tone your body, and reduce the fat levels. A bit of weight training and other related activities can help you gain muscle mass and lose out on the stubborn fat.

Although it may not have a significant difference on the weighing scale as the fat would be replaced by muscle, you will feel less bulky and more active. This can automatically instill more confidence and make you look attractive in and out.

An ideal BMI for men and women is considered to be in the range of 18.5 – 24.9. A BMI above 30 is considered to be obese.

Losing Unnecessary Weight

In the race to look attractive and lose weight, people neglect the specifics of how and how much they want to lose. In the process, they may end up becoming underweight.

Can Most People Look Attractive By Losing Weight

 Fat is essential to look healthy and not very lean or sick. For women especially, fat and adipose tissues form an important aspect of their curves, breasts, thighs, hips, which determines their shape and other distinctive features.

Sure, some amount of fat is necessary to look attractive, but it is more about being healthy than losing fat. Weight loss is just a step in the process of being healthy.

Fact Check: You are Attractive By What You Eat!!

Did you know that eating the right kind of food can also make a person look attractive? Healthy foods like bell peppers, yogurts, green vegetables, nuts, etc. add up to your overall nourishment, complexion, make you feel healthy and in the process, make you look attractive.

Can Most People Look Attractive By Losing Weight

If you indulge in oily foods and junk eatables, they contain immense amounts of oil which in no way adds up to your health and works as empty calories. These empty calories do no good to your overall body weight but instead get deposited as fat in your waistline and other unwanted areas, making you look chubby and unhealthy.

Final Note

The above post in no way targets to force anyone to lose weight because that is not the only measure to look attractive. All in all, you need to feel healthy physically and mentally to look attractive.

Many people think that losing weight can make them look good but looking attractive should not be the only target for losing weight.

In the end, it is about every individual’s choice of how they perceive the thought of looking attractive.

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  1. Yes, everyone wants to look attractive! Our society places a lot of importabce on looks, tying it up with body confidence and higher self-esteem.

    However, attractiveness can come from being comfortable with one’s body type and staying fit and active.


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