5 Vitamins That’ll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant, and Healthy

5 Vitamins That’ll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant, and Healthy

Did you know that a deficiency of Vitamin K can cause you skin, hair and nail problems? Did you know that a deficiency of Vitamin C can cause your skin to look dull and pale?

As much as we invest in creams and makeup products to hide the blemishes and imperfections from our skin and look younger, what if we invested in nutritious food to not only feel healthy but also look vibrant, feel young as well as rejuvenated.

A healthy and balanced diet with the right number of vitamins and minerals can do wonders on your skin and health. But, according to nutritionists, we often miss out on those essential nutrients from food.

If you are looking for an ideal range of vitamins and minerals to look young and healthy, you need to know the various health conditions and deficiencies of your body to choose the best brand that meets your nutritional requirements.

Here is a guide that will help you list out the 5 most essential vitamins that your body needs to look younger, vibrant and healthy.

5 Vitamins That’ll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant and Healthy

Vitamin D

The sun is the best source of Vitamin D they say, but to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays, we often avoid moving out in the sun to get that dose of sunshine and Vitamin D. It is recommended that around 600 IU of Vitamin D is needed per day to fulfil the daily intake.

5 Vitamins That'll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant and Healthy

That being said, Vitamin D plays a major role in calcium absorption in the gut and helps in maintaining bone mineralization. It also helps in improving cell growth and reduces inflammation to give you youthful skin and body. There are mainly two forms of Vitamin D, Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D also acts as an antioxidant, meaning that it can fight against wrinkles and fine lines on your face and skin.

Antioxidants mean it helps in warding off the free radicals which generally deteriorate our skin and cause them to look scaly and patchy. Vitamin D, especially for women, has been known to be a stress blocking agent and helps in reversing the ageing process by making you look and feel younger.

  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Men: 15 mcg/day
  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Women: 20 mcg/day

Vitamin A

One of the best forms of Vitamin A and most commonly used is B carotene. It is very effective in reducing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and acne. B carotene gets converted to Vitamin A and the common sources of finding these are, carrots, pumpkins, spinach, kale, etc.

Vitamin A tablets can be taken orally or can be used as a topical application to reduce the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation as well as reduce the chances of acne and pimple breakouts. [READ: What Are The Different Ways You Can Use Vitamin E Capsules?]

It is considered to be good for most age groups to provide healthy and glowing skin. If you follow a good skin care regimen along with topically applying or consuming Vitamin A in the form of tablets or capsules, it would enhance a younger and impressive look in you and give a noticeable difference.

  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Men: 900 mcg/day
  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Women: 700 mcg/day

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only known to boost our immune systems but it is also involved in the production of collagen which protects our skin cells from damage and in return gives us firm skin. [READ: Benefits Of Collagen Supplements For Skin, Hair And Nails]

The most common sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, guava, bell peppers, broccoli, etc. On a daily basis, you will need around 100 mg of Vitamin C. It is considered to be a miracle vitamin as it also helps as an antioxidant to reduce the free radicals in your body. It reduces the damage caused to our skin due to exposure to UV radiation.

5 Vitamins That'll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant and Healthy

If you are regularly consuming Vitamin C in the form of oral supplements, it can help in making your skin look younger despite long exposure to the sun.

The anti-ageing and vibrant effects that Vitamin C can have on your skin are too good to ignore and considering them in your daily dose of supplements are worth it!!

  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Men: 90 mg/day
  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Women: 75 mg/day

Vitamin K

The various other problems associated with aged skin are dark circles and baggy eyes. They tend to look puffy and sleep-deprived even when you are not feeling tired, thereby, giving a false appearance.

One of the main reasons why this happens is because the blood vessels around the eyes start leaking which causes a discolouration of the skin. This is harmless but can make your skin look dull.

The best-known forms of Vitamin K is Phytonadione which helps in healthy blood clotting to maintain balanced blood flow in the blood vessels.  This reduces the development of dark circles under the eyes and you can surely pass on for looking young and vibrant.

Vitamin K is proven to make your skin look young, healthy and glowing. Vitamin K also helps in the nourishment of your hair and nails to provide them with a regulated and healthy growth.

  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Men: 120 mcg/day
  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Women: 90 mcg/day
  • Vitamin B Complex:

There are various forms of Vitamin B but the most essential ones for a vibrant and glowing skin are Vitamin B7 and Vitamin B3 known as Biotin and Niacin respectively.

Our skin relies on omega fatty acids and to remain healthy and biotin plays a very important role in maintaining the level of fatty acids to protect the skin.

Biotin not only works for the skin but also helps in reducing hair loss and keeping our fingernails strong and growing regularly.

Another component of Vitamin B is Niacin or Vitamin B3. Niacin is known to reduce conditions like dryness and patchy, scaly skin.

Dry skin is a long-known sign of ageing and makes your skin look dull. Therefore, a daily dose of Vitamin B complex keeps the skin looking shiny and glowing, giving you a vibrant and youthful look. It also helps in the development of hair and nails which are essential aspects of looking young and beautiful. 

5 Vitamins That'll Make You Look Younger, Vibrant and Healthy

Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Men: 550 mg/day
  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Women: 425 mg/day

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Men: 16 mg/day
  • Recommended Daily Allowance for Women: 14 mg/day

Final Note

Appearance forms a very essential aspect and people do not want to look and feel old with passing times. Therefore, a lot of us are indulging in a proper diet and exercise regimen to feel healthy and improve vitality. However, in the process of dieting and controlling our food intake, we may tend to miss out on the essential set of vitamins and minerals that is required by our body to help us in the age-reversing process, you can learn more about essential products like Water purifier, Air purifier. [READ: 5 Things to Know Before Getting a Botox Treatment]

Hence, we decided to list out the 5 most essential vitamins that one needs to feel young, vibrant, and healthy which will help you choose the best multivitamin that fulfills your nutritional requirements

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  1. Vitamins are essential supplements as our daily diets are often not enough for bio availability of nutrients. However vits A, D, E and K are fat soluble and shoud be taken under docrors supervision.


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