3 Tips to Dress for Your Body Type – The Most Useful Fashion Advice

3 Tips to Dress for Your Body Type – The Most Useful Fashion Advice

Fashion trends change quickly, right? So it’s a task to figure out how to keep up with them. On top of that, you have to take your body shape into account as well. But please note that fashion is not so much about looking good as much as it is about feeling good in whatever you’re wearing. And what you choose to wear largely depends on your body type.

What I’ve discussed in this article is not a set of strict rules or anything. Rather just simple guidelines in the form of 3 tips to dress for your body type. That are bound to help you make the right clothing choices for your body. So you feel good while also making your figure look flattering.

But before any of that happens, how about finding out what your body shape is, to begin with.

What Is My Body Shape?

3 Tips to Dress for Your Body Type - The Most Useful Fashion Advice

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Here’s how to measure your body for determining its type

Now that you know the proper measurements, you can figure out your body shape. To be honest, there are plenty of body types out there. In fact, one-third of women don’t even fit into the commonly recognized body shapes.

Speaking of which, the top 3 common ones include rectangle, hourglass, and pear. So the 3 tips to dress for your body type I’ve discussed later are based on these 3 common body types among women.

Whatever the case, here’s the general idea of the different body shapes that exist today…

1. Rectangle

Based on your measurements, if they’re fairly uniform plus your physical build is straight. Then you fall into the category of the rectangle body shape.

2. Hourglass

Are your hips and shoulders fairly balanced? And your waist more defined? If yes and yes, then your body type is hourglass.

3. Pear

A pear-shaped body is marked by broader hips and narrower shoulders.

In my opinion, this is the most difficult-to-style body type. Because it’s not easy finding the right balance between broad and narrow. No wonder jeans for pear-shaped body are specifically designed as straight-leg, high-waist styles.

4. Apple

Apple means a curvy or round figure with a waistline that’s less defined. This is also called the round or circle body type.

5. Inverted Triangle

The opposite of triangle, which is pear-shaped body. Meaning broader shoulders and narrower hips.

3 Tips to Dress for Your Body Type

3 Tips to Dress for Your Body Type - The Most Useful Fashion Advice

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Since the top 3 most common body shapes are rectangle, hourglass, and pear; in that particular order. I’m going to focus on providing tips that flatter these body types the most.

#1 Tips to Dress the Rectangle Body Shape

Your safest bet is to create an illusion of curves. So the tops you choose should accentuate your torso and shape your waist. Go for scoop-necks, V-necks, detailed collars, and the sweetheart neckline.

For bottoms, balance out the upper half volume of the top with a fitted style. Such as slim-straight and high-waisted.

What about dresses? All types of dresses tend to complement the rectangle body type. More preferably, ruched, belted, fit-and-flare, and puff-sleeved dresses.

#2 Tips to Dress the Hourglass Body Shape

Structured and fitted tops tend to look naturally flattering on the hourglass body frame. Peplum, V-neck, keyhole-neckline, and wrap tops are the most stylish. And flaunt your hourglass-shaped waistline with high-waisted, flared, skinny, and wide-leg jeans.

For dresses, the most flattering designs include sheath, fit-and-flare, wrap, and even jumpsuits.

#3 Tips to Dress the Pear Body Shape

With a pear-shaped figure, you want to balance out your whole silhouette. So tops that accentuate the upper half of your body and define your waist are highly recommended. For example, boat-neck, cowl-neck, square-neck, and peplum tops. Also, make sure to choose bright prints and colors.

Keep your jeans limited to styles that are dark-colored, straight-cut, and high-waisted. And dresses should be A-line, fit-and-flare, off-the-shoulder, and wrap. [READ: CAN YOUR BODY BECOME A FAT BURNING MACHINE?]


You think your body shape is like that of Marilyn Monroe. However, the truth of the matter is that your body type is quite likely to not fit into any commonly recognized categories at all. Also, 9 out of 10 women don’t even know their body shape. And most of those who do believe that they have hourglass curves and a slender waist.

But here’s the real picture. The greater part of the women population all around the world fits into the rectangle body type category. Meaning the majority of women are straight up and straight down, figure-wise.

Whatever the case, it looks more flattering and feels even more comfortable to dress based on your body shape. Be it rectangle, hourglass, apple, or pear! [READ: Some Tips for Choosing Quality Bra and Underwear]

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