10 Timeless Fashion Items You’ll Love Forever

10 Timeless Fashion Items You’ll Love Forever

A curated closet is a solution to many morning problems as well as environmental ones. The Fashion Industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. So, having a curated closet wouldn’t only help you but also the world. Buying timeless and essential fashion items would mean buying smartly and not impulsively. [READ: 5 Reasons To Go Sustainable & Choose Ethical Fashion]

Although buying “smartly” isn’t always that easy, it’s still hard to choose whether or not you should buy it. So, here’s a guide on a timeless fashion item that you need to have in your closet:

1.      Classic Everyday-Wear Jeans

Denim has always been in style, whatever season or year. It’s a staple for everyone and will never go out of style. You can wear jeans for almost any occasion, and it’s easy to match them with any top.

2.      Statement Blazers

10 Timeless Fashion Items You'll Love Forever

Statement Blazers are the real saviors for any occasion. Blazers were basically made to turn any outfit into something new. From its various styles and colors, there are plenty of blazers for any body type and style. You’ll be surprised how one blazer can serve you for many looks for a long time. From a simple corporate look to something additional for a night out with friends.

3.      Statement Tees

Statement Tees are taking over, and it’s not much a surprise as to why. Statement Tees are a comfy way of expressing yourself without needing to speak, and people love it. Statement Tees aren’t just mere shirts, but it could also turn into crop tops.

Not only are statement tees fun to wear, but they are also effortless to match it with any item. Many celebrities have also worn statement tees from the likes of supermodel Kendall Jenner to Grammy-winner Rihanna. [READ: Fashion Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection]

4.      All things Leather

10 Timeless Fashion Items You'll Love Forever

From Leather pants to leather jackets, it was apparent that Leather has been a wardrobe staple. Many fashion icons have been sporting this look, and there’s a reason why. Leather has a different kind of charm that makes everything you pair with it seem elevated.

Even a simple dress will seem different if you add Leather to it. Leather is so easy to style clothes with that it has become a timeless and classic item for everyone to enjoy.

5.      Animal Prints

Wearing anything with animal prints has been a custom in the fashion industry. Many celebrities have worn many fashion items like pants or coats with animal prints on them. You can see the reason why. It’s a classic. It gives you that edge and versatility on the styles that only a few can handle.

10 Timeless Fashion Items You'll Love Forever

6.      Converse All-Stars

Converse All-Stars is a classic fashion item that shows how you don’t have to be flashy to be fashionable. You can pair it up in the most unconventional way and would people still think it looks good. It’s simple and fresh at the same time. Not to mention it’s not that expensive.

7.      Pumps

Having pumps in your collection is a lifesaver. Not only is it a pair that fits with many outfits but also a classic that is an all-time classic. It’s for any woman who wants to dress up subtly.

8.      Boots

Boots are a must-have for the right reasons: They’re practical and chic at the same time. Use them at any outfit, and you’re sure to add a lot of edge and style with your look. Buy a cheap one or expensive one, and it doesn’t matter because they’ll look good with any outfit. [READ: The Ultimate List Of Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have!]

Boots have different styles as well, which is perfect for any occasion. A good pair of boots goes a long way

9.      Leggings

Whether it be black or white leggings, owning leggings is a guaranteed look for everyone. Not only are they cheap and comfy, but their best paired with literally everything. Whether you’re sporting a simple white shirt or a punk look, it’s perfect for every occasion.

10.    Little Black Dress

This item should be owned by every woman. It clings to every body type, so it helps show off those curves you’ve worked hard for. It’s that dress you always go for on emergency occasions.

You can wear this to work and go to the club after. It’s the two-in-one dress of your dreams. This dress is the dress that makes everyone’s heads turn. Because of its classic look, you can only add a little bit of flair to it through your accessories and shoes.

 Today’s Fashion is unpredictable and has developed into a wide variety of styles that many can choose from.

Trends, aesthetics, and culture define Fashion. However, for each individual, Fashion means telling the story and identity of the person. These days, Trends influence Fashion as well as many unpredictable factors. Different current world situations, as well as different cultures and ethnicities, even inspire some choices.

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