What is the Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror for Home?

What is the Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror for Home?

In its simplest form, a wall mounted makeup mirror is simply a make-up mirror that can be used after it has been mounted to the wall. While this is quite true, it is not entirely true. Wall mounted mirrors are more than this.

A wall mounted mirror is attached to the wall. It, however, can be moved either further or closer for a better view. When this mirror is not being used, it can be folded against the wall. Also, it can be pulled out very easily in a way that makes it possible to see your face very closely.

Will you be buying a wall mounted makeup mirror soon? If yes, you are on the right page. This article contains a guide to help you buy the right wall mounted makeup mirror.

What is the Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror for Home

Size and Shape

The size, as well as the shape of a wall mounted mirror is an important factor to consider when buying one. Wall mounted mirrors come in various shapes and sizes. Some are square and rectangular while others are round and oval. No wall mounted makeup mirror can be said to be generally better than another because of shape or size. Due to this, you need to depend on the ambiance of your room when choosing a particular shape and size of wall mounted makeup mirror.

Consider Fog-Resistance

This feature might not be a compulsory feature. Nonetheless, it is a feature that can help you obtain good value for whatever amount you spend in buying a wall mounted makeup mirror. You might not need a fog-resistant wall mounted makeup mirror if you will have your mirror outside your bathroom. Nonetheless, if you will be positioning your wall mirror in the bathroom vanity area, fog-resistance becomes an important feature.

When you have a wall mounted makeup mirror in your bathroom, its surface will always be clouded by steam and this will affect its reflective ability. So, if your mirror has an anti-fog system, you will not need to deal with fog in your mirror surface. This is regardless of if you have just had a warm shower. This way, you will not have to go through any struggle when putting on makeup.

Does it come with a Built-in Dimmer?

This feature comes into place if you are buying a lighted wall mounted makeup mirror. When a wall mounted makeup mirror comes with a dimmer, it becomes easy to reduce or increase its bulb’s brightness. This way, you do not have to struggle to see your face. In addition to not having to go through ay struggle before seeing your face, you will not also have to worry about your eyes getting hurt because of extremely bright lighting.

Does the Mirror Have Two Sides?

Wall mounted makeup mirrors can be gotten in two forms. Some are single-sided, others, are double-sided. If you want to get the best from a wall mounted makeup mirror. it is advised by experts that you go for a wall mounted mirror that is double-sided. The reason for this is quite straight forward. This mirror types make it possible to view two kinds of images in a single mirror. That’s not all. You should also consider the viewing panels’ rotation. This is important as it goes a long way in determining the way you alter its viewing side. [READ: Way to Find Best False Eyelashes For You]

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure of the wall mounted mirror has to be considered before you buy one. Not all wall mounted mirrors make use of the same wall mounting procedure.

There are wall mounted mirrors that can be attached to the wall through nuts and screws. Others, however, need very strong suction cups to get attached. While suction cup and screw installation are both effective, screw installations are more trustworthy.

Power Source

The power source of a wall mounted makeup mirror might not get the same level of attention as other features. That, however, does not make it less important.

There are three types of power sources that wall mounted mirrors can come with. These power sources are replaceable batteries, rechargeable batteries, and direct electrical connection.

The direct electric connection could be plug-in or hardwired. It usually makes use of either DC or Ac to power bulbs. A plug-in wall mount mirror comes with a plug which is connected to its power cord. This power cord is fixed into the closet socket to light up the mirror.

Unlike the plug-in wall mounted mirror, a hardwired mirror has a power connection that is connected to the house directly. To turn his on or off, you need to make use of the switch that is connected to the mirror.

Although making use of direct electrical connection with wall mounted mirrors is popular, it is not the only way to light up these mirrors. There are mirrors that make use of batteries. These batteries can either be rechargeable or replaceable.

While all the above-mentioned power sources have their pros and cons, the direct electricity plugin wall mounted mirrors appear like the easiest to use

Arm Length

The arm length of a wall mounted makeup mirror is important. You, therefore, need to measure it before going ahead to pay. This is vital as it a strong determinant of how far the mirror can be pulled out of the wall. Wall mounted makeup mirrors with longer arms can be pulled out more than those with shorter arms. This plays a role in the precision of reflection you get.


All things being equal, when buying a wall mounted makeup mirror, you can either buy one that is fixed or one that can be adjusted. From their name, it is quite obvious how these mirrors differ. Those that are adjustable can be adjusted to an angle that is comfortable. On the other hand, those that are fixed cannot be moved to a preferred angle.

Adjustable mirrors have arms that are hinged. Moving them backwards or forward and getting them adjusted to any angle you chose is easy.

Although different people have their preferences, adjustable wall mounted mirrors are a lot easier to use than fixed mirrors.

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