These 20 Fitness Ads will Inspire You

These 20 Fitness Ads will Inspire You

There is a sharp increase in the awareness for staying healthy and keeping fit over the past few years. Hence, the growing competition in the fitness industry is not a big surprise. The gyms and fitness centres create inspiring and unique ads to survive the competition. Here are a few examples of killer fitness advertisements that will inspire you.

  • Weight Watchers: Door Ad 
These 20 Fitness Ads will Inspire You

With just two doors, a large entrance door and a small exit door, the Weight Watchers explain the bodily transformation of their clients. The entrance door is slightly ajar welcoming new customers, and the exit door is shut signifying the end of the weight loss journey in a short period. 

  • Y+ Yoga Centre: Straw Ad 
These 20 Fitness Ads will Inspire You

It is a low cost but effective ad made by Y+ Yoga centre. Flexible drinking straws featuring a yoga practitioner show how yoga can make your body flexible.

  • Gold’s Gym: Tree and Lamppost Ad 

This visually clever ad features two images; one of the images show the arms of a man uprooting a tree and another image with the same arms placing a lamppost. The message that Gold’s Gym can make you very strong is loud and clear in this simple and impressive ad. 

  • Fitness Company Fitness Centre: Dumbbells shopping bag 

Shopping bags with dumbbells-shaped handles is a clever and simple idea to advertise the fitness centre. The bag was given as a complement for all customers. The large dumbbells handle captured the attention of many.

  • Sparring Partner Gym: Outside banners 

The banners have images of hanging athletes. The banners when hung on rods connecting tall buildings create an impression that the athletes are hanging from the top. 

  • World Gym: Runaway 

Most people have the intention of going to the gym but always end up on the couch before the TV with popcorn. This ad features a couch with a broken leg, a popcorn cup and a TV hanging on the wall. The caption at the top says ‘Runaway’. This ad is sure to remain in your memory for a long time because of its novelty.

  • YO BK Yoga Studio: Melting Fat 

The ad of YO BK features the images of men and women with fat melting from their body while practising yoga poses. The message of fat burning and weight loss is delivered in a simple but effective way.

  • DailyBurn: Fear Of Missing Out Ad 

DailyBurn video ads in social media motivate you by injecting the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ factor. The videos come with a warning: ‘If you are not watching DailyBurn, here’s what you are missing’. This motivates the customers to take action. 

  • Powerhouse gym: Construction site 

The advertisement campaign of Powerhouse Gym revolves around a construction site. A bodybuilder image doing ‘Cable Fly’ on a double craned construction site gives the impression that he is lifting something very heavy. 

  • Oxygo Gym: Funny and thought-provoking

This creative double-spread newspaper advertisement features a top angle image of a man with belly fat. The image is funny but thought-provoking. 

  • Aaptiv: Motivating video

This Instagram video ad hits the sweet spot of the viewers and inspires them to download the app. It shows a video of women who look effortless and relaxed while doing their cardio. Posting videos in social media and YouTube is the recent trend in the ad industry. You can create video ads easily with InVideo tools like YouTube Intro Maker

  • Guanyin Yoga: Wooden Box Surprise 

The yoga master got into a wooden box that was placed in a street. Whenever someone passed through the box, they got a surprise: a hand reached out of the box to hand over the business cars of the yoga centre. 

  • PowerHouse Health Club: Fat SuperHeroes

Fat Batman, Superman and Spiderman are featured in the series of ads from Power House Health Club. They look funny but are highly motivating as they provoke an intellectual comparison between reality and expectations. 

  • Absolute Yoga: Shoelace tying

The yoga practitioner bends backwards to tie his shoelace. Simple, but the message delivered and mission accomplished. 

  • Olympia Gym: Emotionally powerful

Funny ads indeed make you laugh and get recorded in your memory for quite some time, but emotional advertisements too can create a stir. Olympia Gym ads hit you emotionally with images of depressed individuals who are broken in life. 

  • Karma Yoga: Cut-Out Before The Studio 

The studio has a cut out of a girl lying on her elbows and lifting her legs above her head with the message ‘This way to Karma Yoga’. [READ: 4 Reasons Why Yoga Enthusiasts Should Consider Glo’s Online Yoga for Mental and Physical Benefits]

  • Yoga One: Business Card

The business card has the caption ‘Get Stretchy’. It has two holes on the top into which you can insert your fingers that become the thighs of a woman lying prone on her stomach. The card will never be forgotten.

  • YKM Gym: Unique Packaging Idea 
These 20 Fitness Ads will Inspire You

YKM’s shopping bag has a girl and a boy jumping with skipping rope on either side. The strings of the bag are the strings of the skipping rope as well.

  • Weight Watchers: Bus

The ad has the image of a bus with an overweight woman sitting on the right-side seat at the back. The bus is tilted towards the right side. This is a perfect image to watch your weight.

  • Kinder Yoga: Cobra 

The ad with twisted funny cobra practising yoga and the caption’ A more playful approach to yoga’ is creative and inspiring. 

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