Modern Hanbok: Is it ruining or saving the Hanbok?

Modern Hanbok: Is it ruining or saving the Hanbok?

A big turnaround took place within a few years when hanboks, which were earlier used to be sought by a handful of Koreans for special occasions, began to be considered fashionable and trendy for daily use. The outfit came into people’s eyes through romantic Korean dramas, which proved to be a big smash in countries. It generated curiosity amongst people to know more about this outfit and to wear and feel like a princess. The elegant colors, embroidery, and lace were the center of attraction, making women crazy over this outfit. Later on, the government also stepped forward by promoting Hanbok wearing by giving free admission to wearers in palaces, which also created good earnings among Korean Hanbok store. This led to a widespread increase amongst youngsters wearing this dress, but is it ruining the traditional Hanbok? In this article, we will be discussing whether the modern Hanbok is ruining or saving the hanbok.

Tradition vs. modification

Modern Hanboks come in various styles and sizes but are different from the traditional ones. The comeback of these modern Hanbok has given opportunities to youth and youngsters to carry their history and culture. Hanboks were diminishing with time due to its long skirt and tight waist tops, making it uncomfortable to wear and carry throughout the day. The colors used to be so dark that it didn’t seem pleasant to wear it in daily use except for any special occasion. These heavy embroideries were supposed to be worn by only high-class people who represented their status in society.

Modern hanboks can be paired with jackets or jeans, which makes it comfortable amongst college wearers. One can give it a formal look by pairing it with a headpiece or overcoats, which executes the limitation of it wearing only on special occasions. Earlier different colors have unique symbolization like the ones for bride or maiden, but the modern Hanboks can be chosen amongst various fabrics and colors. The modern hanboks are selected depending on the season, like pastel and light color for summer, which are available in cotton or satin fabric to provide comfort. The ones for a special occasion can go with silk and vibrant colors. They are available in full or partial length. Men can also pair their hanboks with baggy pants and jackets. The new generation has developed unique preferences, and the clothing should match it. They give more value to comfort and trendy styles, which the modern hanboks match with. It has proven to be a great way to preserve culture along with being into the trend.

Modern Hanbok Is it ruining or saving the Hanbok

Hanboks have also been rented in local shops to foreign tourists. They are available at an affordable price, which means it is not restricted to a particular class of society. Earlier, Hanbok was only limited to being worn on special occasions like the New Year. But modern hanboks inspired many to wear hanbok on other occasions or in their daily life. Like its said, we should emerge with the ongoing trend, and so it’s better to modernize things rather than watching it go extinct. Society and people need to change with the new trends, thinking, and the environment.

The traditional ones are still worn on special occasions. The modern hanboks are just modified to make it more involved in daily use rather than just limiting to specific events. Modern hanboks have helped to gain much recognition of Koreans, and we see no harm in it. People have now become more aware of hanboks as compared to earlier.


Koreans feel proud to build a space for themselves in the fashion industry and giving the world an iconic outfit. People who take it as a tough job have also started enjoying draping this outfit. The world is going crazy beyond this photogenic outfit with cool hashtags of hanbokstagram. This is a great way that Koreans are representing their culture to the whole world. Hanboks are trending amongst the fashion world and are available online.

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