Why Choose Healthy and Organic Food for Kids- Gerber® Organic

Why Choose Healthy and Organic Food for Kids- Gerber® Organic

We moms take utmost care about our child’s nutrition and the options are overwhelming. There is always a buzz around organic food that confuses us. And Parents are often left with questions like- Should We Feed Organic Baby Food? Is Organic Food  Healthy for Kids?

The answer is YES! Let’s discuss in details why should parents opt for organic baby food over conventionally grown.

Me as a MOM, consider healthy, nutritious, and good food for my child as one of the biggest responsibility. I ensure the food that I provide is completely safe, clean, and contains all the required nutrients needed for her growth and development. Hence, I make sure to do a lot of research and find the best one for my little ones. And hence- ORGANIC

Why Choose Healthy and Organic Food for Kids- Gerber Organic Snacks

Recently I came across Gerber® Organic snacks, like Puffs and Yogurt Melts, are made with whole grains. Choose healthy snacks for kids especially at the developing stage for a stronger body and immune systems that are even important for better future health.

What is organic food?

Organic food is grown using Organic crop cultivation technique. This method has to follow the standards set by certifying agencies which are approved under the National Programme for Organic Production.  The slandered differ worldwide but organic farming system everywhere follows usage of man-made fertilizers and pesticides, no livestock feed addictives, GMO free, etc that make organic food high in nutritional value when compared to conventional food.

Why Choose Healthy and Organic Food for kids

Why Choose Healthy and Organic Food for Kids- Gerber Organic Snacks

1. NO chemical pesticides

The very well known fact about organic food is they are grown with no chemical fertilizer. There are some organic certifications which permit very low usage of pesticide that is considered safe for consumption.

Babies and children are more susceptible to toxins. Harmful chemical pesticides in their food can have long-term health hazard effects on their bodies. Hence switch to organic baby foods to lower the risk of exposure to pesticides.

2. Full of NUTRIENTS

We moms always want to fill our baby’s tummy with different healthy nutrients. And organic baby food is a well known way to do this.

Organic food like fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and antioxidants when compared to non-organic food. Gerber Organics embraces organic ingredients; Gerber® offers a variety of organic single grain and multi-grain cereals for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Now I feel great feeding my little one the most nutritious and delicious baby food, various toddler snacks, and many other healthy products.

Why Choose Healthy and Organic Food for Kids- Gerber Organic Snacks


Our baby needs useful nutrients and not artificial ingredients or processed junk. Opting for real, organic foods ensures you are picking the best stuff & skipping the filler which does not contain any nutritional content. Also these filler can be harmful for the baby and toddler.

4. NO Hormones or Antibiotics

Genetically modified foods and ingredients have taken up a larger part of our daily diets, including kids’ diet too. Feed your kids organic food to limit their exposure to many genetically modified substances.

Hormones and Antibiotics are used to get more quantity of milk, eggs, or meat. Cows are injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone that is known to cause breast or prostate gland cancer.

Hence opting for organic food makes sure the child is not exposed to any abnormal hormones or antibiotics level which tends to have a bad effect on their body systems. [READ: What Happens If You Don’t Use BPA-Free Water Bottles For Kids?]

4. MORE YUMMY Natural Flavors!

Organic food is definitely healthy and tastes better too. The texture of organic food is sharper, flavors are deeper that gives your kid the more yummy and wholesome experience. Start with healthy baby foods for a lifetime with yummy and delicious baby food which they will actually enjoy eating. Check out Gerber organic baby food pouches are made with real fruit and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or added starches.


Processing food products can turn out to be hazardous for our environment. Organic farming tends to cause less pollution and also produces less carbon dioxide when compared to non-organic farming. Hence pick organic foods to support sustainable farming methods, such as and crop rotation and composting. In simple words, going organic is a responsible and environment-friendly choice.


Every country has a certain set standard for organic food that the manufacturer has to follow. Organic food is required to meet the strict organic standards before it’s formally labeled- “organic”. This ensures the food going into the baby’s mouth has been very closely monitored and meets Organic Product Regulations. Also, this makes sure there are no chemical pesticides, antibiotics, artificial additives, growth enhancers in the product.

Also very important to know ‘natural’ food products are not always ‘organic’. Hence it is essential to read the label very carefully.

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