Way to Find Best False Eyelashes For You

Way to Find Best False Eyelashes For You

Wearing brown false eyelashes can you give you the longer, fuller lashes you’ve always dreamed of, but did you know that certain fake eyelashes will look better on you than others? Just like choosing a hairstyle to match your face shape, different false eyelash styles can enhance your natural eyes, or even change the shape of your eyes completely.

How To Apply False Eyelashes

‘Mastering the art of false lash application takes a lot of practice and patience but the results are instantly unmissable!’ says bareMinerals Make-up Artist Ambassador, Cher Webb. ‘Before any lash application I always curl the natural eyelashes as this makes a huge difference to the overall effect and makes everything look a lot more real and authentic. Most false lashes have a curl in them so ensure your own lashes have a similar bend so there’s no gaps and they don’t sit apart. I then always go in with mascara to define the roots of the lashes and make sure they are super jet black.’

Follow Cher’s steps and applying the sometimes tricky lashes can be seriously easy:

Way to Find Best False Eyelashes For You

1.’When applying lashes yourself, hold the lash with your fingertips or tweezers and place a mirror under your chin so you are looking down rather than looking straight on.

Cher’s Top Tip: ‘Avoid closing your eye during application as your eyelid can crinkle as you try to apply the lash and you want your lids to be as wide as possible for a smooth application.’ [READ: 12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup]

2. ‘Applying the eyelash glue is an art in itself. Make sure its applied neatly and directly onto the root or spine of the lash to prevent the lashes from getting covered and you only need a very small amount! Let the glue dry a little so it’s slightly tacky as this will help the falsie and natural lash adhere together perfectly and not move or slide around. This will also prevent ruining your eye make-up.’

How To Find The Right False Eye Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Understanding your eye shape will help you work out the best make-up to suit your face, but how do we determine the shape of our eyes? Get a mirror to look at the overall eye and assess its profile. [READ: What is the Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror for Home?]

1.Can you see the whole iris (the coloured bit around the pupil) or is part of it obscured by the lid?

2. Consider if your eyes slant upwards at the sides and how much space rests between them in the middle. [READ: Trendy and Hottest Haircut For Women With Images]

3. Finally, look at the crease of your eyelid and observe if it’s visible with the eyelids open.

Knowing your eye shape is just the first step, now you need to choose your false lashes. With a growing range of falsies available, picking the best lashes can be confusing. Should I choose volume over length? Will fake lashes look natural?

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