Lashine Eyelashes Review

Lashine Eyelashes Review

It is no secret that false eyelashes can help to give your look a whole transformation, they do make a difference in the way you look. Many people are scared of using false eyelashes believing they are hard to put on, the truth is, yes, when you are a beginner it can be challenging to learn and use correctly false lashes, but practice makes perfect, once you get the hang of it everything turns easy. But, there are some factors you need to take into consideration, first, the style, you need to pick a pair of false eyelashes that could enhance your beauty, if you manage to pick the wrong style it could make your face look a little bit unbalanced, not the look that you want.

Another thing to remember is that brand, sometimes the brand is closely related to the quality of their product, if you don’t select a good brand then you might get a low-quality product, which, obviously nobody wants. Price is also closely related to the brand and the quality of the product, of course, the price is one of the main things you pay attention to. As you can see, choosing the perfect pair of false eyelashes can be quite hard, Yet, you don’t have to worry anymore. Today I will bring to you a brand of false eyelashes that everyone would want in their drawers.


Lashine is a brand that focuses on bringing the highest quality lash extensions you could ever ask for and for affordable prices. Their Andes Synthetic Lashes Kit 6035 is one of their best products, this kit comes with a pair of Lashine Synthetic Eyelashes and a Lashine Magical Eyeliner. One perk about synthetic eyelashes is that they might feel a little bit heavy and uncomfortable, but this is not the case for Lashine Andes Synthetic Eyelashes, they are light as air, the band curl will last you a long time and their style will fit your eyes perfectly. These lashes are handmade of Korean PBT material that provide a long-lasting lash strip, it has a perfect 3D layered effect and it will make your eyes and face look glamorous and more importantly, comfortable.

Most synthetic eyelashes are made for only one use, but Andes Synthetic Eyelashes can be used from 15 up to 20 times as they are easy to wear and remove. In this kit, you will get 1 pair of synthetic eyelashes that come in a beautiful lash box. Additionally to the lashes, you will get a Lashine Magical Eyeliner that will make the perfect combination with your lashes This magical product is the best replacement for glue, trust me, you would never want to use glue again. This magical eyeliner is fast and easy to use, your false eyelashes will stay in place as long as you want them to. Also, if you happen to be allergic to glue then this is your best choice, and you won’t have to use any heavy magnets to apply your lashes. It contains skin-friendly ingredients that are 100% safe to use on the skin. Lastly, the Lashine Magical Eyeliner is weatherproof, yes, it doesn’t matter the rain or the wind, your eyelashes will still look perfect. [Read: Beyond UV blue blocker lenses- why should you wear it]

Sounds amazing right? Well, there is one last thing and probably the best. This kit comes with 1 pair of Lashine Synthetic Eyelashes and 1 Lashine Magical Eyeliner retails for only $12.99 USD, if you are interested in this product I suggest you go to their website and get a better look at your next purchase.

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