LuluLemon Dupes That Will Shock You On This 2020?

LuluLemon Dupes That Will Shock You On This 2020?

It’s said that art is a blend of inspiration and imitation. Well, some people in the fashion industry have taken it too far, the biggest example of which being Lululemon dupes in recent times. While the premium quality activewear from LuluLemon has not failed to gain immense popularity due to its excellent quality, comfort and quick drying, the steep pricing has not been very favourable. This has been keenly observed by competitors and they have come up with Lululemon dupes that are so real and similar, that you be in shock, and even almost believe that it is  Lululemon.

Known for its flexibility, thickness, comfort and non-transparency, when it comes to pants, the Lululemon dupes do not look similar, but also feel the same. Working in the field of Athleisure, Lululemon has some stalwart rivals like Gymshark and Betabrand who have also been doing well in the athleisure arena.

That being said, Lululemon has been preferred for its outrageous and extremely comfortable softness. Let’s take a look at the other top Lululemon dupes or alternatives in the market that have been popular and have been bought widely.

Be it soft material, or simple design, high rise or pocket yoga pants, let’s take a look at these 5 alternatives. 

Yogalicious Ultrasoft Lightweight leggings

It has an excellent quality and has several color and styling options. It is much more affordable than an actual Lululemon with the same quality and has a high rating on various e-commerce sites. [READ: Why You Need To Do Yoga]

90 Degree Power Flex Tummy Control Leggings

Just like the name suggest, this leggings are excellent for tummy control, without feeling uncomfortable like in a corset. Offering Lululemon-like quality and features, like being squat proof, ultra-soft, it comes at a price almost $80 less than Lululemon’s.

Yogalicious High Rise Yoga Pants

LuluLemon Dupes That Will Shock You On This 2020
Image source: Unsplash

Featuring Lululemon like features, the pants have a cute cut as well as a comfortable high waisted style, along with being affordable. It is an excellent alternative to sweatpants and is available in an assortment of colors. It is stretchable and has a 22″ inseam, with exclusive Nude Tech Fabric, and moisture lock technology.

Lotsyle Mesh Active Yoga Pants

This Lululemon alternative Is an excellent choice when it comes to light workouts or even high intensity workouts and athleisure activities. It looks attractive while being extremely comfortable to wear being made of four-way stretch fabric. [READ: 4 Reasons Why Yoga Enthusiasts Should Consider Glo’s Online Yoga for Mental and Physical Benefits]
It is also durable and has a wide waistband for effective tummy control, in case you need it.

Queenie Women Power Flex Running Tights

These tights/leggings are the perfect option as a pair of running pants. It is super comfortable, classy, and most importantly, affordable. Unlike most othes in this category, it even has a functional pocket to keep you phone. 

Summing up

That being said, while Lululemon is a great choice for yoga pants and similar athleisure products, these Lululemon dupes work pretty well if you have a budget concern, and need to go for something a little more affordable without compromising comfort, quality and other features.

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