Man Weave – The Non Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure

Man Weave – The Non Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure

‘Balding’ is a word that a lot of men dread, and understandably so. It can be somewhat embarrassing and depressing altogether. No one wants to feel like their youth is slipping away from them. A research study showed that 75% of men who experience balding reported that hair loss made them look and feel a lot older than they were. Whether people would like to admit it or not, they care a lot about their hair. How you wear your hair says a lot about you. For centuries on end, different societies in the world have associated luxurious hair with youth, elegance, beauty, and good health. Fortunately for men who experience balding, there are non-surgical options that specialize in hair replacement. [READ: 11 Stunning Ombre Hair Color Ideas From Celebrities]

Understanding Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Man Weave - The Non Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure

Man Weave or Non-surgical hair restoration can be a good option for men with a notable loss of hair. Those who would like to restore a full head of hair without surgery can choose non-surgical hair replacement which is considered a lot more subtle, comfortable, more natural and easier to manage and live with. All you have to do is visit a salon and get a stylist to assess your hair loss. This assessment is important because every hairpiece is customized for every client.  Non-surgical hair replacement is a process that involves the application of a thin and transparent membrane that is infused with human, hair on the head scalp. After the stylist attaches it to the scalp, the membrane is then woven with the existing hair to create a very natural look and effect. This technique allows the existing hair to match perfectly with the hair in the membrane in almost every aspect; color, growth direction, and hair density. [READ: Smart Reasons Why You Should Wear Harem Pants for Men]

Global man weave company Ace Man Weave Units say the attachment process is done with good bonding material that it can be worn with confidence without the fear of hair falling off at work, home, and even at the gym. Here are a few other non-surgical options you can look at if you have trouble with your hairline.  [READ: How To Take Care Of Fine Hair?]

Creams And Lotions

Hair loss can be reversed using creams and lotions, especially hair that has been lost from environmental causes such as stress. However, for people who experience hair loss because it is in their genes will find that there are no creams or lotions to fix their problem.

Getting A Toupee

Toupees were designed for men and have been used for decades now. Some people would describe toupees as wigs, but for men. Unfortunately, regardless of how long they have been in the market, toupees have not gotten any better over all those years. They are still as embarrassing, plainly obvious, and somewhat unattractive as they used to be forty years ago.

A lot of people have tried various options to restore their hair without any meaningful success. You’ll find that most men who have unendingly tried to restore their hair have used products such as Finasteride or Minoxidil. For some of them, surgery is the final option which a lot of dermatologists and experts in the hair industry advise against.

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