5 Things Every Healthy Couple Talk About

5 Things Every Healthy Couple Talk About

How was your day? Often couples rely on this standard question in order to initiate a conversation. While this is not bad, it certainly isn’t enough to keep you deeply connected to your partner and maintain the freshness of your relationship.

Healthy and meaningful communication is the key to a healthy and strong relationship. The more a couple opens up with each other via tough conversations, the more understanding and strength it tends to acquire. But sometimes, you can’t figure out what to talk about. Here are a few things that can help you go beyond your small talk.

1.    Your Dreams and Hopes

One of the best privileges of having a partner is to have someone with whom you can share your dreams and hopes in life. In a healthy relationship, a person must not hesitate while sharing what they want from life.

When the other person listens and encourages you, you will feel motivated to fulfill your dreams. Sharing these feelings honestly with each other will bring you closer emotionally. This will make you and your partner happier in your lives together.

2.    Money Matters

Where lots of couples fight about money, a healthy and happy couple discusses it. You might not be happy about all the financial decisions taken by your spouse, but instead of fighting over it you should sort out matters calmly. [READ: Must Have Features in a Maternity Insurance]

For instance, a husband may not like the habit of his wife spending extravagantly on food and clothes, while a wife may not be happy about his husband investing in the share market. By sharing your views, you are more likely to make rational decisions.

Also, avoid hiding any of your financial mistakes. Hiding things from your significant half is not a good practice and leads to a significant distance between the couple. Having a talk about financial matters will lower your stress which is crucial in a healthy relationship.

3.    Fears and Insecurities

Your partner must be aware of your deepest fears and insecurities. This is one of the most important things in a healthy relationship. You must not hesitate in laying out your vulnerabilities in front of your partner. If they are the ones with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life, they must know about your ups and downs. [READ: ONLINE TERM PLAN BY BAJAJ ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE: PRE-LAUNCH]

Do not fear that your partner will judge you on your shortcomings. Discussing your deep emotions with someone will not only alleviate you of the burden but also bring you both emotionally closer as you develop a deeper understanding of each other. Instead of hiding such things, you must take advantage of not being alone.

5 Things Every Healthy Couple Talk About

4.    Memories

Sometimes it happens that looking at something you remember about a particular incident from your childhood. Speak it out to your partner. This is something all happy couples do! When you relive your moments with your partner, your bond deepens significantly. Eventually, a time will come when you would create many of your own memories that you can share in the future.

Your past is something that has shaped the person you are today. There must be some memories of your past that you are emotionally connected to. Your spouse must know about them as they are there to support you in your highs and lows.

Also, sharing your embarrassing or hilarious moments would bring excitement in your lives. Talking about your memories, both happy and sad, will help you understand each other better and bring happiness in your relationship.

5.    Sexual Preferences

If you are not happy in your sexual relationship, then you must discuss it with your partner. Though it may seem a bit embarrassing at first, keeping things inside will eventually make you feel dispirited or unhappy which will not be good for your relationship.

Be it quality, quantity or style, let your partner know which aspect is troubling you. Talking about your sexual preferences is extremely vital if you wish to create a long-lasting relationship. Talk to a sex doctor or counsellor is the problem is sever but don’t keep it inside you. There’s a reason why 61% of couples admit that a satisfying sexual relationship is very important for successful affiliation.

The bottom line

If there are certain issues which you can’t figure out how to bring out to your partner, working on them with a couple counselor might be helpful. They are trained professionals who are aware of various techniques that can trigger communication amidst you both. [READ: How To Avoid X-Tra Marital Affairs]

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