Why Instagram Is The Best Among All Other Social Media Platforms

Why Instagram Is The Best Among All Other Social Media Platforms

Social media and the technology powering it keeps evolving each day. With every passing day, new platforms pop up and the already existing ones transform both in complexity and number of users. Instagram is one of these platforms that has seen great transformation ever since it launched in 2010.

Starting as a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram has grown surpassing vibrant platforms like Facebook and Twitter in many aspects. It is the leading photo-sharing platform. It is also the leading platform in traffic meaning that, it the most visited social media platform today. Instagram is addictive and is a complete country with iPhone and Android users. And where’s public, your business should follow, and buy active instagram followers. What makes Insta the best among other platforms? There are several factors here are few

Instagram has amazing features.

One of the reasons and perhaps the main reason why Instagram is beating its competitors is its features. From a simple photo sharing platform, it has evolved over the years to include other features that make manoeuvrability and usage easy. Its features make it easier for users to engage with one another and make conversations easily. In addition to social links, it is ideal for businesses who want to use social media platforms to promote their brands. [READ: How to Earn Money from Home in India]

Instagram is visual. 

Why Instagram Is The Best Among All Other Social Media Platforms

When it comes to content visuals are more appealing and are likely to attract attention than any content format. Unlike another platform that heavily rely on length statuses, Instagram specializes in photographs and videos. Research has it that, quality images and videos attract more audience explaining why many people like Instagram.

A community of followers.

With features such as hashtags, follow taps and more Instagram makes it easier for users to create and connect with a diverse community of followers. The hashtag feature, for instance, makes it easy for users not only to locate what they are looking for but also makes it easier for them to follow and find fellow likeminded users. With a simple click, the app allows users to connect to people of diverse background with whom you share similar thought. In addition you can buy real and active Instagram followers cheap from

Instagram displays content better when compared with other platforms. 

When it comes to content display there is no competition for Instagram. Unlike other platforms Instagram is relatively clutter-free. When users open the app, they only see the content, this is not the case with other platforms whose displays include, links, sidebars and chat screens. A clutter-free interface makes increase user manoeuvrability and engagement.

Insta has the best filters. 

Besides content displays, Instagram has unmatched filters. As noted, earlier Insta is visual-based. Filtering is helpful hiding imperfections making user content appealing to the eyes. Instagram gives a wide range of features to choose from. Users can use this feature as trickery to attract attention. [READ: How to Use Instagram Like a Pro in 2020]

It is ideal for marketing. 

Instagram is popular among millennial. It is estimated that over 60% of internet users have an Instagram account. With these number, this platform is ideal for marketers who view it a channel for reaching middle-aged people who currently consist the majority of the world’s population. With additional features such as content displays, Instagram becomes an unmatched popular destination for marketers too.

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