How To Get The Most From Your Perfume

How To Get The Most From Your Perfume

You probably spend a significant amount on your perfume. So it is only fair that you want to get the most out of fit. Apart from wanting to smell divine, you also want the attractive scent to last a while. Plus, you want to use your investment for as long as you can before it is time to replenish it with a new one.

The uttermost important thing to help you get the most of your perfume is to know how to store it and how to apply it. Below are clear guidelines, tips, and tricks on how to get the most from your perfume. 

Familiarize Yourself With Perfume Types

There are up to 5 different perfume types. Parfum is the strongest amongst them whilst Eau de Fraiche is the weakest. Parfum contains up to 30% fragrance concertation giving it a more powerful scent and prolonged longevity of up to 24 hours. Just a little spritz of perfume will do.

Eau de parfum holds a slightly reduced percentage of up to 20%. It is still very effective and can last up to 8 hours. Eau de toilette holds up to 15% fragrance concertation and lasts for a few hours. Eau de cologne is a variation of perfume or Eau de parfum of a certain model.

It holds significantly less concentration of 2 to 5%. However, it normally made for men. Eau de Fraiche is sometimes considered fragrance water. It only contains up to 3% fragrance concentration and will last you within an hour.

Know-How To Store Your Perfume

How To Get The Most From Your Perfume

The number one enemies to your perfume are heat, humidity, and light. This is because these three factors are the main ingredients for destroying its integrity. Heat, light, and humidity are perfect ingredients to effectively break down the perfume contents and thus, weaken the strength of the fragrance and scent.

This means that when you apply the perfume to your skin, the scent will be weak and it will not last long. Therefore, you should avoid storing your perfume in areas that are prone to harbor such an environment.  A good example is your bathroom. Instead store it in a cool, dry place with minimal light. Your nightstand or dresser are ideal locations for storing your perfume.


Leave It In The Box

Yes, you read right Leave your perfume in the box! As mentioned above, perfume requires as little light as possible. Plus, it is better off in a cooler and less humid place. You don’t want the oil-degrading and breaking down the fragrance. And there’s no harm anyways as many perfumes come in beautifully decorated boxes if the display is what you want.

Never Shake Your Perfume Bottle

You should avoid shaking your perfume bottle at all costs. What is the point of shaking it anyways? Perfume always remain still and stationary. That’s how they were designed. If you shake your perfume bottle, you risk letting air in and this is not good for your perfume. This is because the penetrating air will ultimately affect the quality of the perfume.

Know When To Apply It

It is always a good idea to apply your perfume immediately after a shower. This is because dampened skin is ideal for absorbing the scent. During this time, your pores are still open, thus, allowing the scent to easily penetrate the skin and get locked in for enhanced fragrance development. To ensure the application is effective, wait a couple of minutes for the scent to dry off.

Moisturize Before Perfume

Always make it a point to moisturize your skin before applying perfume.  Apply unscented lotion to your skin and then, apply the perfume. This is because moisturized skin will retain the fragrance better than dry skin. Dry skin does an awful job at retention. This is because when you apply perfume on it it will not get absorbed. Instead, it will remain on the surface and quickly dissipate.  This means that the fragrance will not last long.

Don’t Limit Perfume to your Skin

You don’t have to limit your pleasantly smelling perfume to your skin. You can even use it on your hair. However, because it is alcohol-based, you don’t want to spray it directly on your hair. Instead, you should lightly spray it on your hairbrush or comb.  Then, gently brush your hair with the brush or comb to enjoy the fragrance. Remember to moisturize your hair before brushing it with a fragranced hairbrush or comb.

Don’t Rub The Perfume

Sure, you can apply perfume t pressure points. However, never rub it when it on the wrists. You know that process you normally engage in. you put perfume on the wrists, rub it together then apply in on your neck. That is wrong. This is because rubbing the perfume bruises the scent. Thus, damaging its integrity and weakening its strength. So when applied to your skin, it will not last long. [READ: Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Talc Review]

Enjoy Your Money’s Worth And Use It to the Last Drop

When you notice your perfume is almost depleted, don’t rush off to dispose of the bottle. This is because even the last drops can still be useful. Instead, add them to your regular lotion. This provides a better and long-lasting scent when you apply the lotion to your skin. However, for effective and non-off putting results, ensure the lotion is unscented.

Manipulate the Application For Better Results

There is always more you can do to enhance the effect of your perfume. For example, when you apply it on pressure points such as the neck or writ areas, it lasts longer and enhances the strength of the scents. This is because these pressure points are where arteries and veins are near the skin. [READ: Denver Insight Perfume Review]

And if you add petroleum jelly to these areas before the application of your perfume, it gets even better, as it will enhance the fragrance and allow it to last longer. Typically, pressure points for perfume application include the wrists, neck, inside the elbows, behind the knees, ankles, and calves.

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