Handmade Portrait Paintings: The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Handmade Portrait Paintings: The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Do you remember who came to you to make you eat, when you were crying all along over an issue? Who was there in your success and failure? Who woke up with you in your exams and made you tea at 4 AM? Your mom! She only lives for you! There is only one day for them, for all our mothers, mother’s day! Quite unfair, isn’t it?

Your mom has done everything for you all your life without making you feel awkward about that. Has any of your friend do that? No! She deserves a great gift on this day and you’re still finding it. Here ends your search! Let’s begin!

Handmade Portrait Paintings: The Best Mother's Day Gift

The gifting era has revolutionary changed recently. Now people prefer more and more personalized and custom stuff to present to their loved ones. In such times, here is what I came across recently, Hand-painted Portraits Paintings. What was the last time you took a minute and admired a piece of art? It’s something that touches our soul. The hardship an artist put into an artwork can’t be appreciated enough. A Handmade painting doesn’t only reflect the hardship but the essence of care into it too.

BookMyPainting is one of such places where you can find this essence of care and happiness. It is a technology-enabled platform where you can easily get one of those beautiful creations. There is no smoother experience than booking a painting there. They have half a dozen art styles and a variety of options for your size preference as well.

They really are doing great here with this.

Are you not sure what art style should be selected? Let me help you with that! [READ: 5 Unique & Virtual Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Lockdown]

The art style should totally be selected keeping the would-be your mother in the center. Her personality reflects it. You just need to notice that!!

Handmade Portrait Paintings: The Best Mother's Day Gift

If your mom is elegant, classic and a retro lover, you might wanna consider the king of black and white sketches. I’m talking about charcoal drawings. These are made of Charcoal and have this fresh natural contrast which is unmatched. Charcoal goes very well with monochromatic light-colored walls and is the classiest of all the drawing techniques.

Handmade Portrait Paintings: The Best Mother's Day Gift

If your mother is still a kid inside, you should go for these old school watercolor paintings. They have these color splashes and a jolly vibe. Watercolor painting is an ancient technique from Japan and is widely renowned for its a different aspect of portraying the subjects.

There is one more art style that will do wonder with every woman. That is Oil Portrait Painting. Oil painting is one of the oldest art styles alive. They have sustained through renaissance to modern art and they are still adored the same. Oil is such a close depiction, that I bet sometimes you Can’t differentiate between real and the art.

Handmade Portrait Paintings: The Best Mother's Day Gift

Here’s is a hidden gem. Pencil color sketches are the only available sketching technique that is colorful. They are an upgraded version of classic graphite pencil sketches. All the detailing of pencil sketching is preserved with color depiction. This is a must-go if you’re looking for something so different. You can find a Picture of the would-be mother from her childhood and get her a baby Portrait. Or you can have a picture in which she’s flaunting her baby bump. These shots are just perfect for this cause.

All these days you’ve been searching for the right gift for your mom and now you’ve found it. Gifts are really our love in the physical form of material. Our moms too need affection and care, more than anyone. Make sure you are there for her like she has been, all your life. [READ: Mumbai Event: The All Out Campaign #MujheSabNahiPata]

Happy Mothers Day!

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