Get Details for Destination Wedding in Goa

Get Details for Destination Wedding in Goa

A destination wedding is not a new trend, but it sure is here to stay for a long time.

Like most brides and grooms, if you too want to get married amidst the crystal blue waves of Goa beaches, under the starlit sky, savoring mouth-watering delicacies cooked to perfection and choicest variety of cocktails, then read on. Here we have listed the most essential details to host a perfect destination wedding in Goa. [READ: Generate Fancy Fonts for Wedding Cards with Small Text Generator]

The big question: South or North?

Couples wish to get married outside their city or town so that they can celebrate the special day in the location of their choice. This is why first decide what kind of wedding do you wish for? An intimate tropical wedding on the beach? A grand wedding in a resort that has a sprawling lawn and posh reception hall? Or do you want to book a venue that has ample space and offers great service to turn your wedding day into a gala party that the guests won’t forget in years?

Get Details for Destination Wedding in Goa

For that, you need to spend some time on the internet to know how to select wedding planners in Goa and hire one with a good reputation and reach in the wedding industry. Based on your choice of wedding they will help you decide whether North Goa is more suitable for the event or South Goa. But here’s a head start for you to decide which part of Goa offers more varieties of options. [READ: Most Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes/Styles]

South Goa

Beaches in South Goa are cleaner and less crowded than North Goa. Not so surprisingly then, it’s the first choice of most couples, and hence most five star hotel and resorts are based there. You have luxury chains like Hyatt, Taj, Leela, Alila Diwa, Zuri, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Radisson, etc. in South Goa. According to your needs and theme of the wedding, you can have ample of venue options.

Get Details for Destination Wedding in Goa

Alila Diwa, for example, is the most popular property for a wedding in South Goa. They have 3 outdoor wedding venues and 2 indoor wedding venues where you can plan a customized event for both the wedding ceremony and reception. No wonder it’s the most preferred choice of the best wedding planners in Goa who excel at giving you the wedding of your dream. [READ: Best Winter Wedding Color Schemes]

North Goa

North Goa is touristy but filled with shacks and pubs of all price range. It’s also nearer the airport than South Goa. Although the number of beachside luxury resorts is quite less, professional wedding planners like Art Goa can help you find banquet hotels and inns of your choice.

That being said, in North Goa, you can find some exclusive luxury resorts that will make your big destination wedding dream come true. Take Piranha beach resort for example. They have 4 wedding venues – one overlooking the sea, another at the poolside, a mini-disco with dance floor and one semi-private beach.

So have a chat with one of the best wedding planners in Goa and find a property that fits your needs and budget. Happy wedding!

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