Birthday, Bae, and Bangalore!

Birthday, Bae, and Bangalore!

It is hard to find true love and harder to be in a relationship forever.

But, Do you know what is the hardest to survive through?

A long-distance relationship.

I bet you know what exactly I’m talking about if you have ever fallen for someone who didn’t live in the same city or for some reason has to move far away from you in a city like Bangalore (because mine is there, wink-wink)? Ask anyone who’s in a long-distance relationship and the answer will always be that distance is a monster. Distance could be one of the worst things to happen in love life until you keep defeating the beast again and again. And, to consistently find & implement distinctive ways of communicating and conveying your emotions & care is the only weapon to win against the distance.

Well, there is no doubt that a long-distance relationship is the hardest journey to survive, but you always have the chance to turn the table upside-down. With the power of love, trust, care, and surprises, you can set your long-distance relationship into a timeless journey of memories and indestructible bond of togetherness.

For a long-distance couple, every day is like a Love-date as they could barely see each other. But, there are some super-special occasions, especially birthdays, to relish the love and to flabbergast your Bae.

Birthday, Bae, and Bangalore!

The best thing would be to travel all the way to meet your bae in person and spend the day together. But, if somehow it is not possible to do so, then keep surprising your bae from the very first to the very last second of his/her Birthday. [READ: A Beginner’s Guide On Renting Furniture]

To guide you forward, let’s take Bangalore for instance to be the city where you bae is (obviously because my love is there only). So, the basic idea to flabbergast your love is to send gifts online to Bangalore.

You can purchase something that fits best as a birthday gift and send it to Bangalore via courier services. Well, it will make your bae feel special and will put flammables in the fire of your love. But this plan consumes a lot of time, effort, and money. Also, you can’t send gifts like cake and flower via courier services. The best way to drop different surprises all day to your soulmate in Bangalore is to make use of online gifts shops providing delivery of gift products including cakes and flowers on the same day. These kinds of services will let you send gifts to Bangalore with a promise of on-time delivery which will make all your surprises super-special.

Start by sending a specific birthday cake dot on the time Birthday hits, make the morning beautiful by sending a bouquet of soothing flowers arranged by the best florist in Bangalore, knock-out the lunch-time hunger by ordering their favourite food of Bangalore as a sweet gift followed by a lovely personalised gift in the evening, and end the day on highly happy note sharing love, love, and love through video call. [READ: 3 Tips to Find a Great App to Easily Order the Top Quality Food in Any Country]

All the things are tried and tested by love birds. Hope your long-distance relationship will turn into a lifelong relationship.

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