8 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair

8 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair

Caring for hair is an art, and keeping it healthy should be our main objective. For this, we must take into account all the agents that can be harmful and that negatively affect its growth, as well as the chemical elements to which we expose it daily.

Do not wash your hair very often; take care of it at home, use brushes that do not break it … All these tricks we already knew, but today we bring you new tips that you will want to try immediately. You will tell us if they work for you!

1. The mask is everything

Yes, you already know. But the key is to apply it before washing your hair and leaving it for a moment while doing other things. After approximately 15 minutes or half an hour, wash your hair as usual, and you will notice the effect of the mask multiplied by ten.

2. Wash only the root

8 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair

Obviously, we all have the impression that if we don’t wash our hair completely, it won’t be clean. But the truth is that what is most dirty is the root and is the part that we should wash more frequently. Therefore, we recommend applying the shampoo only in this part. Anyway, the product will fall and reach the tips, but not with such intensity. Thus, your hair will grow healthier and stronger.

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3. Massage the scalp

Do not believe that hairdressers spend a while on massage just to please you. Massaging the scalp is essential for a luxurious mane. With this simple gesture, we activate the microcirculation and help the hair grow faster. With 5 minutes 3 or 4 times a week, enough. [READ: Top 8 Oily Hair Shampoo To Keep Your Hair Shiny & Smooth]

4. Coldwater!

Ok … It’s not ideal. But the hair does not feel good heat. So a rinse with cold water allows you to keep the hair fiber longer.

5. Do not rub from media to ends

When you apply any product on the hair, do not rub! Many times we believe that by doing this, we increase the effect of the product. But what we are actually doing is causing micro-cracks in the hair. Apply the product with delicacy, as said by Lee from The Hair Central.

6. Brush your hair regularly

Brushing the hair often causes us to remove impurities and dirt from the hair environment. Thus you will be able to extend the time between washes.

7. Do not let your hair down

8 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair

The disheveled … Forget when you go to sleep! While we sleep, we move, and apart from getting up with looks to forget, we can also weaken the hair. To avoid it, just make a braid or a quick bun. A plus, you’ll wake up with very natural surf waves. [READ: A Complete Guide And Tips On Using Hair Straightener At Home]

8. Cut the tips

We already know this. We don’t like it, but we know it. But you know, it’s what it touches to make hair grow faster. Every month or every two months, you have to go through the scissors, only then will we prevent the hair from being brittle and lifeless.

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