What is the Best Men’s Enhancing Underwear and How to Choose It?

What is the Best Men’s Enhancing Underwear and How to Choose It?

It’s only common to look for men’s enhancing underwear. Because the discomfort and irritation caused by the wrong kind of underwear are not pleasant. On top of that, you want a pair that not only keeps you comfortable and sweat-free down there. But one that also enhances the size of your package. Am I right?

In that case, how about giving this guide a try to get to know more about mens package enhancing underwear!

Enhancing Underwear for Men – What Is It?

This type of underwear provides a lift with the help of a pouch. Unlike basic underwear that doesn’t feature a pouch design for lifting and enhancing. On the contrary, regular undies feel restricted. Meaning they can leave your man parts looking squashed.

How to Find Out If the Underwear Is Enhancing?

You know you can check if the underwear you’re wearing does the job of enhancing your size or not. Just fold the pouch area of the undies sideways. Does the fabric look contoured? Keep in mind that flat pouches give you a flat appearance. So the fabric should be contoured for the underwear to lift and enhance. [READ: Smart Reasons Why You Should Wear Harem Pants for Men]

Why Don’t All Brands Manufacture Men’s Enhancing Underwear?

What is the Best Men's Enhancing Underwear and How to Choose It

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Why can’t all styles rank in the category of mens lifting underwear, right? Well, because of two primary reasons. One is tradition while the other is cost. The whole idea of men wearing underwear to “boost” the size of their penis. This is just not acceptable in traditional society.

As for the cost, underwear brands have to include the junk-enhancing and junk-lifting pouch. And that means using more material, thus an increase in production cost. Not all manufacturers are enthusiastic about spending more money just so your package can look bigger. They’re more concerned with mass-producing basic, cheap underwear to make large profits. [READ: Mens Fashion – Latest Fashion Trends For Men]

How Does Enhancing Underwear for Men Work?

What men’s enhancing underwear does is magnify something you have already. This means men with a large, extra-large, or normal size penis benefit the most from these styles. The shaped, contoured pouch works best at such times.

What is the Best Men's Enhancing Underwear and How to Choose It

So if your size is small, then you might not appreciate the fit, shape, and lift of enhancing undies. Not unless the size of your balls is large. The logic is simple here. The pouch of men’s lifting underwear demands something beefy to hold and enhance. You have to provide the underwear something to work with, correct?

So for those with a small penis, you should go for regular undies that have a slightly contoured design. The contoured shape is what offers the required boost.

The Basics of Buying Underwear for Men with A Large Package

If you have large-sized genitals, then you obviously cannot buy and wear regular underwear. It’s just going to cause constriction, discomfort, irritation, pain, and more. In that case, make sure the undies you pick offer the following features or characteristics.

  1. Comfortable Fit

This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Whether your “manhood” is large, average, or small. Underwear that doesn’t feel comfortable is no good. Irrespective of whether it’s built with a contoured pouch or not.

When I say comfort, I mean the waistband of the underwear should rest on your waist. Without digging into your skin. Or rolling down. The band is what keeps those undies in place. So it has to remain around the waist during movements. Like I said, no sliding down or even up. Along the same lines, the waistband shouldn’t feel very tight against the skin.

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  • Spacious Design

If your underwear has enough room to fit your well-endowed package. And at the same time, give you more room down there, then it’s the right kind. Too tight undies make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. So it’s better if there’s some, if not a lot of breathing room for your privy parts down there. Particularly if those privy parts are bigger than average.

  • Moisture-Wicking, Breathable Materials

To keep everything cool and dry down under, manufacturers include materials like polyester and cotton. These fabrics wick away moisture and provide breathability. And when moisture and sweat are eliminated like that. The chances of bad odor and infection-causing bacteria also get eliminated.

  • Seamless Construction

Imagine underwear seams rubbing against your skin. This, more often than not, leads to chafing. And chafing is a very common concern among men with a large package. So you have every reason to buy underwear with seamless construction.


The good news is that many underwear brands manufacture men’s lifting or enhancing underwear. These are built with a contoured pouch that creates the lifting and enhancing effect. But such styles are only suitable for you if your size is large, extra-large, or normal.

Meaning those with a small package should go for regular undies. But with a contoured design!

In the end, what matters the most is comfort and full-coverage. Along with a pouch specifically put in place for well-endowed men.

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Kathy Harvey talks about men’s underwear because not many bloggers do that so openly these days. Underwear is something that men wear on a daily basis. But, ironically, there’s not much information about the fit, shape, support, and even brands of men’s underwear. This is why Kathy Harvey decided to dedicate the entire blog, Undywears to all things underwear.

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