How To Wear Your Designer Watch For Women

How To Wear Your Designer Watch For Women

Some women compare finding a good watch to finding the right spouse. If you pick a great one, you may keep it forever, but should you pick the wrong one, you will be waiting to get rid of it after a couple of years or less. Women have an almost sacred relationship with their designer timepieces.

High-end designer watches for women can be seen as an investment. While some may appreciate in value, others hold their worth fairly well. Most times however, they are an extremely good way of a woman expressing their style and personality as well as make a statement. There is etiquette involved in adorning designer watches for women , below are some highlighted points on how to wear a designer timepiece.

How many watches should you own?

There is no definite amount of the number of designer watches women should own, collecting watches is also a hobby for women as it is for men. However, it is recommended that women have at least two designer watches with distinct styles or at least one that can be worn during different occasions. You can get a casual one and a fancy official one.

Which hand to wear the designer timepiece on?

How To Wear Your Designer Watch For Women

Most big brands advice that women wear their designer watches on their nondominant wrist to avoid scraping and scratching with eventually destroys the piece. Since about 95% of women’s dominant hand is the right one, then it is advisable to wear the designer watch on the left hand. [READ: What To Know Before Investing In A High-End Handbag ]

However, other jewelry may also affect which hand a woman may wear her watch on. If they wear plenty of bracelets, then it is advisable to wear the designer timepiece on the opposite wrist. For purposes of keeping the designer watch in optimum condition, it is advisable to wear the other jewelries on the right hand or the dominant wrist and the timepiece on the nondominant one. [READ: Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019]

Wearing a watch and bracelets

Should you decide to wear your designer watch on the same wrist as your bracelets, try this out with stacked bracelets. It is paramount that your timepiece is secured firmly to your wrist and in the best position. You will be able to wear your other jewelry above your wrist and further up your arm thus giving you a stacked look provided your designer watch is secure.

How tight should it be?

It is essential to know that most designer watches are not designed to be worn loosely. Therefore, ensure that you buy and wear a watch that properly fits your wrist. Properly means that the straps of your timepiece should be worn just before the wrist bone or if you can, just slightly on top of your wrist bone.

Similarly, you should not extend the lugs on your designer timepiece past the edges of your wrist. Therefore, a luxury designer watch for women should smoothly fit against the skin as well as be firmly held in place.

When should it be worn?

While this decision is personal, different designer watches for women should be worn during different times and for different functions. It doesn’t matter if you are an office girl or a fashionista looking to make a fashion statement, designer watches can be worn any time or all the time because they are created to be worn as well as enjoyed.

Don’t be afraid to be bold

Long gone are the days where feminine products were strictly made to look a particular type of way. There is an increased trend in women rocking sportier or oversized watches. In fact, gender-bending timepieces are not a phenomenon in the market for women’s luxury watches. [READ: The Ultimate List Of Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have!]

Whether it is enhancing your day-to-day style or a special function, there are a plethora of designs to choose from when it comes to designer watches for women. All you need to know is how to coordinate your personal style and the timepiece of your choice.

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