Biggest Fashion Mistakes of 2019

Biggest Fashion Mistakes of 2019

2019 is almost over, and before we know, it will be January 2020. We all know what this means: that you are going to get the year wrong every time you have to write out the date. Most importantly, it means that we should be ready to give up some of the biggest (and worst) mistakes of this current year.

In other words, this is the right time to reflect our fashion crimes of the past months and to focus on our new year’s resolutions. In case you are looking for a bit of inspiration to fix your wardrobe, we have listed all the fashion mistakes that we believe it is finally time to give up. Don’t forget to look at the female mannequins the next time you’ll go shopping: you will find lots of new ideas to improve your style!

Biggest Fashion Mistakes of 2019

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Are Your Sleeves too Long?

No one wants to look sloppy, so you should carefully avoid any mistake that could jeopardise your style. This includes long sleeves. As a general rule, they should end just past the wrist bone. Yes, we know: long sleeves may look cute and are comforting and cosy, but sometimes you have to make compromises. [READ: Modern Hanbok: Is it ruining or saving the Hanbok?]

Let Your Clothes Have Their Secrets

When you buy a new jacket, the first thing you do is to get rid of the price tag. However, there is another small but annoying label that people always forget to remove. This is the product label, the one that tells you how to wash your clothes based on their material.

This is one of the worst enemies of your outfits. If others can see your label, then you will just look awkward. These tags are usually found on the wrist of coats and jackets, or near the button of sleeves. Even if you are particularly proud of your new jumper made of 100% pure Italian lambswool, you don’t necessarily need to let other people know about it.

Nevertheless, you should never ignore care and cleaning instructions. Check your labels before you wash your clothes. There are a few safety rules that you should always keep in mind. For example, you should always use felt hanger and never iron any delicate fabric. If your new blouse requires dry clean only, follow the instructions without experimenting too much.

Avoid Buying Clothes That Are Too Small…

We all wish we could wear a size smaller than usual, but this requires spending hours of our time at the gym. It is thus time to start buying clothes for the size of your current body. This will not only make you look better but will help you accept your body shape, even with its ups and downs.

When you buy clothes that fit your body perfectly, whatever your size, you will immediately look thinner and feel better about yourself. The best thing to do is to just forget the numbers: if you love that dress and it makes you feel gorgeous, then you should just buy and wear it.

…or Too Large

On the other end, buying clothes that are too large is another colossal mistake we often do. If you don’t like certain aspects of your body, it isn’t by covering them with an enormous jacket that you are going to solve the problem. On the contrary, this will accentuate it, and make you look like a trash bag.

The whole point of choosing the perfect outfit is making yourself look and feel good. This is why it is essential to buy clothes that fit your body type. This will help you emphasise your strengths while camouflaging the most problematic areas.

The Importance of Colors

It doesn’t matter if your favorite color is black or white: when choosing your next outfits, you must always prefer clothes which color compliment your skin tone. For example, you are particularly pale, wearing yellow or coral may not be a good idea. [READ: Best-Dressed Celebs At Cannes Film Festival 2019]

On the other hand, some colors may not suit particular skin and body types. Large-scale prints, for example, may wash some people out, especially if you are petit. If you don’t like the shape of your stomach or your waist, try an A-line dress that hits just a few inches above the knee. You will immediately look gorgeous!

Biggest Fashion Mistakes of 2019

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Your Smile Is Your Best Accessory

Accessories are the perfect add-ons, and they can transform and improve each outfit. However, you should always be careful when wearing necklaces, earrings, belts and even bags. Sometimes, it is just too much.

Over accessorising is the worst way to complete your look. They will distract other people from your face and your clothes, and they may even end up making your outfit look cheap and flashy. If you want to look chic and simple, pick only a few accessories.

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