Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

Vedic astrology suggests Rubies to be worn for success and growth in businesses, jobs, social status, authority and self-confidence. These benefits make Ruby one of the most highly sought-after gemstones. Rubies are well-known for these benefits:

  • Professional and Academic Success
  • Improved Monetary and Social Status
  • Revitalized Health
  • Better Paternal Relationships

Since they are red in color, Rubies are often gifted as a symbol of love and affection and is popular amongst couples.

Rubies are also known to induce progress in self-awareness, realisation of truth and steady movement towards one’s life path, thus proving to be essential in making major life decisions.

In the renowned Chakra therapy, Rubies are associated to the Muladhara and aids in bringing equilibrium in the chakra system. It can help in issues related to eyesight and blood circulation as well.

People with low self-esteem can benefit from the Manik gemstone as it positively affects self-confidence by reorienting emotional intelligence of the wearer.

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

Who should wear and when to wear a Ruby gemstone?

Ruby Gemstone is known to deliver the best results when worn in the ring finger of the working hand, on a Sunday morning. Moreover, when it is worn with a jewelry set of gold, it can generate spectacular outcomes. For better results, Ruby gemstone should be lustrous, transparent and uniform in color. In a nutshell, the precious stone should be appealing to the eye and free from any defects in the form of inclusions, imperfections, color impurities, and surface blemishes or cracks.

Both Western astrology and Indian Vedic astrology recommends Ruby to be worn by people of the sun sign Leo (Simha Rashi).

It is suggested to take the guidance and consultation of an expert astrologer before choosing a Ruby gemstone.

Rubies can be cut in various different fashions such as the oval-cut, cabochons, etc. However, the cutting style does not have any astrological correlations. It is simply a choice of the buyer to get a gemstone cut in a specific style of their preference. However, the cutting style does have a significant affect on the natural Ruby price. The reason behind this is that while cutting the Ruby in a certain fashion, a lot of Ruby rough is wasted. Therefore, it is advised to buy gems cut in a simpler fashion, involving less stone wastage, so that you get the best quality Ruby at the most economical rates. [READ: Latest Designer Sarees For Summer Weddings]

Which Ruby is the best for astrological use?

Astrologically, it is best to have a Ruby that is not artificially treated with heat or chemicals and should be as inclusion free as possible. Color is also known to have an influence on astrological results of Ruby as well. Therefore, transparent, dark colored Ruby is considered best for astrological effects. Pigeon blood Ruby or Old Burma Ruby is one such example. However, clear and original, unheated Ruby is an essential pre-requisite that should not be compromised while selecting the Ruby for astrological purposes. If constrained by budget, one can also choose, light colored but clean Ruby.

Which is the better gemstone between Burma Ruby and Mozambique Ruby?

Gemologically, there is a significant difference between Mozambique Rubies and Burma Ruby.

In terms of color, Rubies from Burma are characterised by their vivid red or deep blood red hue. However, certain low-quality stones display pinkish red hue as well. Extremely dark red Burmese Ruby are extremely rare.

On the other hand, the color of Mozambique Ruby in deeper shades are comparatively easier to find. Due to the presence of iron traces, certain Ruby pieces from Mozambique appear deep purplish red in color. As the color shifts towards darker side, the quality of Mozambique Ruby drops significantly. Mozambique Ruby of the finest quality also bears deep Pigeon Blood Red hue, but it is less common in nature. [READ: 16 Elegant Designer Blouses for Wedding Sarees]

Now, clarity is another important factor to differentiate these two Ruby stone varieties. Rubies from Burma are included gemstones that contain both highly visible and less visible inclusions. Eye clean Burmese Ruby are exceptionally rare in nature. Mozambique Rubies contain silk, which are not visible to the naked eyes but hamper their transparency and crystal-like appearance.

When buying a Ruby, it is suggested to check factors such as the source, coloration, clarity, etc., beforehand to analyse the true worth of the product being purchased and thus be free from fraudulence. These factors will give you the brief outline on the Ruby gemstone price. It is also suggested to purchase gems from trusted sellers such as to get the most of your money by getting the best Manik stone price.

GemPundit boasts of a large collection of authentic Lab certified fine quality Rubies. This collection consists of Rubies of various colors, from light pink to purple to deep pigeon blood red and from various renowned mines in India, Myanmar (Burma), Africa, Thailand, and Afghanistan. Moreover, these Rubies are available in jewelry options such as rings, bracelets, and pendants, consisting of various attractive designs and self-customization opportunity as well.

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