5 Hot 2020 Hair Trends to Have on Your Radar

5 Hot 2020 Hair Trends to Have on Your Radar

If you’re like the average woman, you change your hairstyle 150 times over the course of your lifetime. And now that 2020 is here, maybe a fresh new haircut is what you need to kick-start the new year.

Just like fashion, hair trends change with each season and year. Here are five of the hottest 2020 hair trends that your stylist will be giving clients this year. Could one or more of them be right for you?

1. Short Bangs

Bangs have long been a flattering solution for a large forehead or a way to switch up a hairstyle without compromising length elsewhere. For 2020, bangs will be neither tiny nor long enough to sweep to the side, but just the right length, or considered short. They can be cut bluntly or more on the piece-y side to make them less heavy.

One thing to keep is mind is that you’ll probably need to get them trimmed (or trim them yourself if you’re brave) in between your regular hair cuts. If your hair or skin is oily, they also tend to get greasy on days you don’t wash your hair. You can always pull the rest of your hair back to freshen them up with a quick shampoo.

2. Chunky Color Contrasting

5 Hot 2020 Hair Trends to Have on Your Radar

Turn heads or make a bold statement with this color trend starting to sweep into salons. The color combinations are endless; you may opt for a brunette or auburn color paired with chunky light blonde sections framing just the face.

3. The Not-So-Blunt Bob

Since its introduction around the 1920s, the bob is one haircut that has never gone out of style. Blunt bobs have been popular in the past few years and will continue to trend in 2020. However, expect to see some bob cuts with a little jaggedness on the bottom that softens the line. [Read: Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Cream Bath Review]

4. Long and One Length

If short hair isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to try Rapunzel-like tresses cut into one length. The simple style has been sported on Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez recently. It’s sexy and low key but does require that you be gentle with hair and still get regular trims to prevent split ends. [READ: A Complete Guide And Tips On Using Hair Straightener At Home]

Also, combing it out after washing can be a chore. A professional salon such as Inscape Beauty Salon can give you tips on caring for long hair.

5. Hair Accessories

All kinds of hair accessories were spotted on the runways for the spring 2020 fashions, but there were a few common themes. Pearl embellished barrettes and headbands are bound to be huge. So are pastel colored hair accessories—perfect for ushering in spring and summer.

Also, if you held onto your scrunchies from the 1990s, now’s the time to dust them off. They actually started their comeback last year, and have been given a modern makeover; expect to see them in silk and other delicate fabrics that should take the edge off the time machine throwback.

Get Ready For These 2020 Hair Trends

I’m very excited about these 2020 hair trends and I’m sure you are, too! Just a few changes to one’s hair can make you feel confident and ready to take on the new year.

Check out my hair posts for more news about what’s trending in the beauty industry as well as hair care and styling tips!

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