Why Southern California is Perfect for Winter Weddings

Why Southern California is Perfect for Winter Weddings

Planning a wedding in the winter months can increase the stress at an already stressful time. Uncertain weather conditions and traveling concerns are common considerations when thinking of having a winter wedding in many areas of the country. The good news is, southern California is the perfect locale to have a wedding at this time of year.

Great Weather All Year Long

One of the best reasons to plan a winter wedding in Southern California is the weather. You can avoid the high temperatures of summer but still enjoy a temperate climate that allows for an outdoor ceremony, reception and/or pictures. You can get the best wedding photo albums done for memorable moments.

It rarely rains, and the appearance of snow would probably set a record, so you can plan your nuptials without having to worry about an alternative in the event of inclement weather.

Wide Variety of Venues

Another great reason to pick California for a wedding is because the area provides a wide variety of venues and settings from which to choose. You can have an intimate, luxurious wedding at one of the many upscale hotels or choose a beach wedding with a funky and casual atmosphere. Just some of the options for a wedding setting/theme include:

  • Wine country
  • Desert oasis
  • Rooftop of a hip, downtown hotel
  • Rustic ranch
  • Hollywood-themed
  • Mission style
  • Bohemian chic

If your wedding plans take you to Los Angeles or the surrounding area, the next step is to plan the details. This is often the part that causes the highest stress levels. Whether you live in the area or are making it a destination, look for wedding rentals Los Angeles. They can help design the event and create the perfect environment for whatever venue you choose.

Wedding rental companies are also invaluable because they provide rentals for whatever needs and wants you have. This includes more than just tables, chairs and dining necessities. They also offer a wide selection of ceremony backdrops, lighting, accessories, furniture and anything else you can think of.

Why Southern California is Perfect for Winter Weddings

Chill Vibe

Southern California also presents a vibe that welcomes and encourages a relaxed demeanor. From attire to attitude, everyone feels a little less stressed and a lot more chill. Whether your wedding takes place in the city, country or in between, your guests will enjoy the laid-back atmosphere the area presents.

Nothing feels more chill or relaxed than a beach-themed wedding, and California has many beaches from which to choose. There are beaches around LA and many popular ones, such as those in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, that stretch to the south. San Diego presents beaches and numerous options for, perhaps, a wedding on a boat. Let wedding rentals San Diego help plan your perfect event. [READ: Best Winter Wedding Color Schemes]

Plan Your Wedding Today 

Planning a wedding takes time and energy, and the earlier one gets started the better. If you want a winter wedding, and you want to keep the stress to a minimum, research places in Southern California. Begin to think of the type of venue and theme you want so you can reach out for help to make your wedding a success.

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