Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019

Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019

Do you like keeping up with the latest jewellery trends? If you answered yes, then you are in just the right place! We shall be talking about some must-have pendants that you may like to include in your collection this year. Read on to get acquainted with what is trending in gold pendant designs!

Here are some of our top picks in pendant designs of this year that you may like to buy!

  • The classic diamond pendant: Diamond pendants not only look ethereal but also offer a classy appeal to the wearer. Diamond pendants are always trendy and should definitely become a part of your collection. You can choose a clustered or single diamond pendant. Choosing a design with different coloured gemstones can add a touch of glamour. If budget is not a constraint, going in for a solitaire pendant would an ideal bet! [READ: How To Wear Your Designer Watch For Women ]
Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019
  • The rose gold pendant: Whether buying a diamond pendant or gold pendants, rose gold has become the latest fad amongst women. The surreal beauty of this colour offers a unique feminine charm and grace. There are numerous designs and patterns to choose from. This colour complements all Indian skin tones and also adds a hint of antique allure to the wearer. 
Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019
  • The gemstone pendant: The splash of vibrant colours adds freshness to the otherwise normal jewellery. If you are someone who likes wearing pretty coloured accessories, gemstone pendants are an excellent option for you. The stunning rubies, the alluring amethyst, the enchanting emeralds, and other such gemstones add a pop of pretty colour to the pendant. You can go in for single-coloured pendants or invest in dual or multicoloured options, too. These pendants complement casual as well as formal looks. You can also choose your birthstone to attract more luck and fortune your way!
  • The charm pendant: If you have not yet added this pendant to your jewellery collection, now is the time that you get yourself a dainty charm pendant. The best part about this style is that you can keep adding charms to the chain. Charm pendants can also add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look. They are ideal for women of all ages. A charm pendant goes well with any outfit and adds a gorgeous glow to any ensemble. 
Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019
  • The interchangeable pendant: Well, let’s face it – buying jewellery requires investing good amount of money, and most of us cannot afford to invest in jewellery too often. However, thanks to options like interchangeable jewellery, we can achieve different looks with the same piece of jewellery. This pendant style has become another hot favourite amongst women. One design can be turned into another by just simple twisting or turning. This is an ideal addition to your collection if you get bored with a design too soon and you like changing your accessories often. [READ: Gold Necklace: An all-rounder jewellery for every occasion]

These pendant designs are some of our recommendations that you could add to your jewellery collection. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy that pendant, and dare to dazzle with your radiant jewellery!

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