The Best Travel Hair Brush Every Girl Needs to Carry on Vacation

The Best Travel Hair Brush Every Girl Needs to Carry on Vacation

Out of all Americans, about 100 million are taking vacations in 2019. Getting the best travel hairbrush will make your vacation better than you think.

The number of U. S. adults taking vacations this year averages out to 4 out of 10. Vacations are popular because they offer mental health benefits you can’t find elsewhere.

However, it only takes a single bad hair day to stress you out during a vacation. Learning about the different travel brushes on the market will help you buy the travel brush that’s right for you.

Here are some of the greatest travel brushes in existence:

The Paddle Brush Is The Best Travel Hairbrush

If the size of your travel hairbrush isn’t an issue, bring a paddle brush with you while you’re traveling. This brush is compatible with all hair types and lengths. It’s especially good for brushing long and thick hair.

Paddle brushes detangle and smooth your hair more efficiently than other brushes. This brush’s flat shape makes it ideal for taming frizz as well.

Paddle brushes are also great for styling because it’s a big brush with widely-spaced pins. A spring-like base makes the brush more comfortable to brush near your scalp with. [Read: Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Cream Bath Review ]

If you need something more compact, check out this next brush:

The Best Travel Hair Brush Every Girl Needs to Carry on Vacation

Folding Travel Hair Brush By Louise Maelys

Thanks to pictures, you’ll never forget your first Bermuda cruise. But in order to look good while you’re out and about, you’ll need a folding hairbrush with a mirror. That’s why Louise Maelys makes a mini pocket hairbrush for traveling.

This brush folds up, so it takes up very little space. In fact, the folded compact will fit right into your purse.

Fun fact: This brush is made from eco-friendly materials. It also comes in a variety of colors, so it’s a perfect travel accessory. [READ: 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes]

The Compact Styler By Tangle Teezer 

Here’s another great folding travel hairbrush on the market. Not only is it small, but it folds in a way that protects the brush from harm. That means you won’t have to worry about The Compact Styler getting damaged or gathering debris while it’s in your luggage or purse. [READ: A Complete Guide And Tips On Using Hair Straightener At Home]

This brush has long pins to better assist you in detangling your hair. It also has short teeth to smooth your cuticles and get rid of tangles without causing damage to hair.

Like the travel size hairbrush that’s sold by Louise Maelys, this Tangle Teezer brush comes in different colors and patterns. 

Enjoy Good Hair Days On Your Trip 

In 2018, around 93 million U. S. citizens traveled abroad. That means more people will need to get the best travel hairbrush that suits their needs.

The amount of American citizens traveling outside of the U. S. has increased by 6%. Therefore, the demand for travel brushes is increasing, so buy one as soon as possible.

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