How Not To Gain Extra Pounds During The Holidays

How Not To Gain Extra Pounds During The Holidays

The holidays are all about jolly music, friend and family gatherings, and, the most important thing, great and delicious foods. Striving to resist the temptation of not eating another bite of juicy roast turkey is utterly hard, but not impossible. If you want to keep a steady weight and not succumb to eating in abundance during festive seasons, here is a handful of effective and useful advice to take up.

Cut down on booze

How Not To Gain Extra Pounds During The Holidays

During holidays it can be difficult not to drink more than you normally would, but if you want to have and keep a slim figure, this is exactly what you should do. Alcohol is one of the major weight gain enemies for most of the people over the festive season, and it’s only because it contains a lot of empty calories and no nutritional value. When you drink an alcoholic beverage, you tend to eat more. Try to avoid drinking excessively when in bars or holiday parties. Opt low-calorie mixers, virgin cocktails, or spirits with freshly squeezed juice.

Get some quality workout whenever you can

Holidays represent a perfect excuse for doing sedentary activities like sitting in front of the TV watching movies and snacking. Breaking nasty habits is the first step to not gaining extra pounds. The key is to do mindful workouts, stay in motion, and be active with every step you take, no matter whether you need to sit at your desk the whole day or run errands. You can, for instance, find some good desk exercises to do while at work like chair lifts or arm stretch, or try walking or cycling to work. If the severe weather conditions impede that, try using the stairs instead of the lift, go for a family stroll around the park, etc.

Chew your food wisely

You don’t need to count every single bite that you eat, but if you swallow the delicious holiday treats off your plate, you can easily gain a pound or two at that very moment. Don’t eat food like it is a contest, the slower you chew food, the tastier you will indulge in all its savors. If you eat fast, you will send mix signals to your stomach and brain, thus you will be hungry again sooner, and you will not be able to characterize when you are full. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to send the ‘full’ signal to your stomach.

Embrace the festivity delights

Searching for presents, wrapping them up, decorating the house and the Christmas tree can make a person burn calories. If you get entangled into holiday treats, redecorate the ambient in festivity delights, carry heavy shopping bags with presents, and even clean out the entire house for the arrival of the guest, you will undoubtedly lose a few pounds. Plus, if you implement a low-carb, protein-rich diet and eat smaller meal portions then usually, you will avoid weight gain. And, above all, have great fun.

Opt for smaller portions

How Not To Gain Extra Pounds During The Holidays

Holidays are the time when we relax and not pay attention to portion sizes and automatically overload our plate with delicious delights. You will certainly gain more weight if you go for larger portions then you need. Don’t fill up your plate, opt for smaller plates, or stop eating at the first signal of fullness. By downsizing your portions, you would be able to try our various holiday treats and not be afraid that celebrations will wreck your diet.


Let’s face it, holidays are a jolly-good-time to have some long-awaited fun and break from daily habits. However, the festive season is also the time when you can let loose and get much-needed rest to combat stress that has been pilling up. Stress is a major culprit to why many people gain weight. During holidays, do your best to have plenty of rest, have at least 7 hours of sleep, do mindful yoga or enroll meditation course and learn how to practice deep breathing.

Enjoy the holiday season with arms wide open, but stay consistent with your diet regime and food habits. Stay active, relax and enliven your senses, and you will look exquisite. READ: Choose These Flowers And Arrangements As Christmas Gifts

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