8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Nails

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Nails

We often pay attention to our skin and hair and forget to pamper the nails. And trust me, pretty shiny nails won’t take much of your time if you know the best nail care tips and tricks. Just getting a manicure at salon or home isn’t the only option to take care of your nails. Thus here I am sharing some easy nail care hacks that you can use on a daily basis for healthy and pretty looking nails. And to create stunning manicures keep some essential nail art tools handy!

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Nails

1. Nail File Upgradation

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Nails

Gift yourself a crystal nail file to reduce nail shaping to half of its time.  Make sure to buy a glass nail file having fine ‘grit’ for being gentle on your soft natural nails. It shouldn’t feel ‘sandy’ that is very coarse to be used on your nail tips and can harm the nails.

2. Use A Base Coat

Always make sure to Use a Good Base Coat before applying your nail colour. This will ensure the Mani lasts longer while strengthening your nails. Apply a very thin coat of base coat and let it dry well. [READ: How to do a perfect Manicure At-Home]

3. Cuticles Care At Bedtime

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Nails

Add Moisturizing cuticles to your nighttime routine before you snuggle to your bed. Generously apply any moisturizer or Nail Butter to the Cuticles area & massage well till the product gets fully absorbed. Make this your bedtime beauty ritual for pretty nails every day!

4. Avoid Harsh Nail Polish

Be careful while buying nail polish. Check for the ones that are Paraben and sulfate-free as they tend to harm your nails and skin. Use a chemical-free nail polish which is also cruelty-free.

5. Trim Your Nails Regularly

Just like hair trimming, nail trimming is also good for health. Keep your nails neatly cut using a nail cutter. Makes sure to trim your nails every week and give it the desired shape.

6. Don’t Bite Your Nails

Nail-biting is the worst thing you can do to damage your nails. It makes them look really pathetic while your saliva contact can make the nail even brittle and weak, thus harming the cuticles. In addition, they transmit germs and dirt from the fingers to the mouth.

7. Cuticle Remover

 Cuticle removers help to get rid of all unwanted cuticle growth. Along with, you will also need a good cuticle push back tool and a medium brush to clean.

8. Choose A Good Nail Polish Remover

Buy a nail polish remover that has fewer chemicals. And always make sure to buy nail removers from renowned and sustainable brands.

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Nails

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